Training Info & Programs

Training Info & Programs

Training for your next (or first) backpacking or hiking trip is extremely important for your own enjoyment and to ensure that you will finish your trip a happy camper versus a death march participant.

Just Roughin’ It has years of expereince getting people ready for Grand Canyon, Yosemite and other southwest area backpacking and hiking trips.  And this includes people that live in places at sea level with nothing more than a couple hills to train on.  It is always doable with thhe right program. 

We know what it takes to get physically prepared for a very active adventure tour, and we also know that you can push yourself to limits that you never thought possible if you really want to. Remember, you prepare by doing, not spectating.

Here are some training tips and articles written by our Exercise Science educator! The one about kettlebells is my Grandma’s favorite!

 If you are looking for personalized training programs, scroll down for information and pricing.


Training Programs

Sure, you could go on social media and see what worked for other people or follow a generic training program.  That can work for some people.  However, you may be taking advice from someone who has no idea of how the body works and all that make you unique in your fitness strategy.

We look at where you are NOW, where you want to be and what are the challenges you may face due to work schedule, overall lifestyle, age, fitness history, health history and MORE! Facebook and group forums cannot do that for you.

Just Roughin’ It offers training consultation and builds training programs.  We have a few options available for training programs, from those who need accountability to the group that just needs some direction. These programs are designed by a certified fitness educator with 20 years in the fitness industry, 13 years and counting as an adjunct professor in Exercise Science at Mesa Community College and 12 years as a hiking, backpacking and climbing guide.

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