Gear Rentals

Gear Rentals

Havasupai Gear Rentals

Congratulations!  You got a Havasupai reservation!  Now you need the gear.  If you don’t want to purchase, we have the option for you to rent the bigger, yet basic, items you will need.  We have also figured out the number of days you will need the gear – with some cushion.

Gear Rentals

You have a great trip planned but don’t have all the gear you need.  People rent gear for a variety of reason – cost, unsure if backpacking is their bag, from out of town, etc. We have a variety of items you may need!  If you are a Havasupai hiker, please see the Havasupai gear rentals.

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Custom Training Programs

There's little worse that not being ready for a challenging hike (Grand Canyom anyone?). We are here to help! We offer custom training programs for those looking to add something epic to their hiking resume or just reach your fitness goals.

Local Brands

We are all about local! Not only are we a locally owned business, we shop local and we feature brands right here from AZ! Some are made here, some are designed here and some are simpy owned here. Regardless, we celebrate AZ ingenuity.

Events & Workshops

Looking to learn a thing or two about hiking, camping or being outside? Or maybe you are just wanting something fun to do for a couple hours.  We host some fun events that will get you ready for your next adventure or maybe some random stuff anyone would enjoy.