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It is easy to just throw out some numbers about the size of Grand Canyon. The place is huge! But what does that really mean? Well, we're here to help you wrap your head around what huge actually means and give you some other facts to wow all your friends at your next...

August 19, 2016
Roughin it in Grand Canyon

What is "Roughin' It" and why do we like it rough? Read on and find out why!

July 15, 2016
Hiking Grand Canyon in the snow

An adventure into the Great Outdoors, whether a backpacking trip into Grand Canyon or a stay in a remote cabin in the High Sierras, poses many challenges. You have to be prepared for all the wonders and adventures nature throws at you while you are out...

July 8, 2016
Pack Mules Historic Photograph

Here at JRI, we believe there is just something too cool about carrying your own pack when hiking the Grand Canyon. Beyond the glory and sense of accomplishment you get from having your whole life on your back while having an awesome experience, we have compiled some...

July 3, 2016
President Obama Speaks in front of Yosemite Falls

Aside from a reported 20% increase in visitation so far this year with wait times just to enter the park as long as 2 hours, an historic presidential visit is bound to throw a wrench into the works of any well-planned 3 day trip to Half Dome. But who would think...

June 25, 2016
Hiking Grand Canyon is dangerous unless you are smart about it!

In the world of apps that plan everything for you from vacations to meals, we are getting more and more complacent when it comes to truly understanding the places we love to visit - especially Grand Canyon. With all the selfies of your friends doing things you are...

June 2, 2016
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