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Rees Griffiths Grave Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail

Get out for a breath of fresh air this Halloween and find yourself some ghosts. Aside from the cardiovascular benefit of a challenging hike, the site of a ghost might get your heart pumpin' as well! 

October 24, 2016
Half Dome Drive

Who ever said there is no such thing as a dumb question must have never been asked one. We have compiled some oldies but goodies and some of our own that have come up over the 10+ years of running a hiking guide service. Fun times!

October 17, 2016
Graves in Arizona to Hike to

Halloween is the best time to visit cemeteries and grave sites.  And some you have to put a little work in to visit. So get on your hiking shoes and get out there to find some graves (and maybe a ghost or two).

October 9, 2016
Hiking in the wilderness is hard work

A common theme of so many of our articles is simply this - hiking Grand Canyon is NOT a walk in the park.  And yet, every season, hikers on our Just Roughin' It trips or those just hiking in the wilderness for fun are not having much fun. 

October 2, 2016
hiking Grand Canyon in a Sombrero

and water, and a map, and a compass and your brain. This is a story about a man and what not to do when hiking in Grand Canyon National Park. There are actually a lot of these stories so this one is about a Grand Canyon hiker we call "Sombrero Dude"!

September 27, 2016
Scorpions Glow at Night In Grand Canyon

An article about desert critters! A must read, especially if you are planning a Grand Canyon or any Southwest area backpacking trip. There are a lot of critters in the Desert Southwest, so don't let the thought of them being around ruin your experience. Their bark is...

September 20, 2016
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