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"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

When Training for Your Next Adventure Vacation, Don’t Forget to Stretch

January 10th, 2014

There is much debate about when is the proper time to stretch and for how long.  A typical workout, whether on your own, a workout video, class or even fitness magazine routine will have you stretching briefly prior to your workout and for a mere 5 minutes after the meat of the workout has concluded.  But is this the right time to stretch and is it enough? Stretching … Continue Reading

My First Rock Climb - the lobstering kitten approach

December 30th, 2013

I recently participated in a half day rock climbing tour in Tom's Thumb with Just Roughin' It guide, Jayci, and we-had-a-blast. Emphasis on that last part, a-freakin-blast. I had never climbed outside of a gym before, and even that was years ago. Let me tell you first hand that climbing in an air conditioned gym with colorful hand and foot holds is completely different from "lobstering" your way … Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why Just Roughin’ It DOESN’T Offer Pack Horse/Mule Hiking Trips

November 29th, 2013

On a weekly basis, we get calls or emails from potential guests that would like to go on a hiking tour with us BUT, they do not want to carry their gear.  Well, aside from the standard response of "that's not roughin' it," we find ourselves having to explain why we don't offer mule, horse, llama, dog, bear, ape, gerbil, marmot or sasquatch supported hiking trips.  Yes, everyone else … Continue Reading

Our Yosemite Ghost Story

October 31st, 2013

As I was struggling to find something to write about this Halloween - not that there are so few ghost stories out there to rehash - but that is the problem, they are rehashed.  Then I remembered an incident that may not been a ghostly encounter, but was strange none the less and I suppose depends on how your mind interprets strange and unusual events - and of course how well you can tell the story … Continue Reading

Grand Canyon removing grass that attracts elk which attracts tourists.

September 22nd, 2013

I can be at Grand Canyon South Rim not more than 5 minutes before seeing a tourist come dangerously close to the area wildlife - dangerous both for the wildlife and the tourist.  Typically it is the tourist with a camera that has just spotted a bull elk and the only way to get the perfect shot is to get within inches of its 10 point rack.  It only takes common sense to know that a 1,200 lb … Continue Reading

Let’s go Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree National Park!

September 19th, 2013

Anyone who lives for adventure knows you have to change it up a bit.  Yes, backpacking and hiking offer some great experiences and challenges, but why use only two limbs when you have four?  You can explore so many more places if your are willing to get your hands dirty...and set aside that fear of heights for the day!  And that is why Just Roughin' It wants to take you rock … Continue Reading

My 4 Days in the Grand Canyon

August 12th, 2013

Here it is, the second installment of "My Grand Canyon Hike" - the sentiment, the challenge, and the awe of the canyon - as experienced by our guests and in their own words. This was shared by our recent guest Lydia K., who writes a blog called the "The Literary Lollipop" - guilt free adventures in reading, writing, and original fiction. Check out the original blog … Continue Reading

Them Pesky Yosemite Bears!

July 29th, 2013

We received a call a couple weeks back from one of our guides informing us that they shared their last day's food with a group of other people on the trail.  Well, since we only provide enough food for the guide and our guests, we had to inquire.  Well apparently these campers had their bear canister of food stolen by a black bear where it was thus lofted over the side of the cliff into the … Continue Reading

Big Agnes Zipperless Tents - Yay!

July 26th, 2013

Big Agnes, producer of some of the best backpacking tents, sleeping bags and mats - in my not-so-humble opinion, has now introduced the zipperless tent.  I cannot be more excited about this news as one of the most common equipment fails is the tent zipper.  Get a tent zipper near a novice camper who doesn't know how to carefully open and close a zipper by using the provided zipper pull, or … Continue Reading

Rogue Guides Leading Trips at Grand Canyon - and Getting BUSTED!

June 27th, 2013

I came across an article in the Phoenix New Times this morning that absolutley made my day!  A "guide company" was busted for leading Rim to Rim trips in one day for a fee, which is a no-no at Grand Canyon or any National Park, Forest Service, BLM, and other federal, state and city managed lands.  As owner of a guide service, we go through great lengths to get the proper authorizations, … Continue Reading
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