Guided Hiking and Backpacking Tours - Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Olympic
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Guided Adventure Tours

No Porters.  No pack animals.  We want you to do more, to see more!

Just Roughin' It isn't your average adventure tour company.  Our adventure tours offer you the trip of a lifetime to some of the most amazing places in the US.  We believe in empowerment and the absolute accomplishment you will achieve after completing one of our trips - no porters, no mules, no lodging - just you, your will and a bit of sweat!  Come join us for world class outdoor adventures throughout the West in places like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Joshua Tree or Olympic for hiking, backpacking or rock climbing.  Whether you choose to live on the edge or not, we have the adventure for you!  


Come see for yourself why Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Olympic National Parks are 3 of the top 10 most visited national parks in the United States, with all the wilderness for you to explore until your head explodes (or feet fall off).  Or, try backpacking to a place a bit different and off the beaten path, places in Arizona such as Paria Canyon or the Superstition Mountains.  We have hiking and backpacking trips along the pacific coastline, up glaciated peaks and through temperate rainforests on the Olympic Peninsula, across canyons, around high mountain lakes and over mountain passes in Grand Canyon and Yosemite.  The only other option is over waterfalls, but not too sure you'll survive that adventure.  With such a variety of possibilities, you will want to keep coming back for more!  Oh, we also offer day long hiking, kayaking and climbing trips for those of you who don't like the comfort of a bed after a long days of playing hard. 


Grand Canyon Hiking Trips - Join us so we can take you below the rim and show you why Grand Canyon is one of the most extraordinary sites in the world. The average amount of time a typical visitor spends at Grand Canyon is 20 minutes just to look over the rim.  But not you!  You want to truly experience the canyon and that can only be done with a guided hiking or backpacking trip.
Yosemite Hiking Tours - There is so much more to Yosemite National Park than just Half Dome.  We can take you on a guided hike up this world famous monolith, or take a guided backpacking trip on one of the dozens of trails found in Yosemite.  With so much to offer in these high mountains of California, you can't go wrong.
Olympic Backpacking Trips - With glaciers, valleys, mountain peaks, coastline and a rainforest, just one guided backpacking tour through one of the most diverse regions in North America is only an appetizer.  In fact, with so much diversity, you will need multiple trips to get it all.
Rock Climbing - Why use only two limbs when you are on an adventure when you have four? Just Roughin' It can take you to some of the best rock climbing destinations in the world!  Joshua Tree National Park is the rock climber's dream location.  Or, if you are in the Phoenix area, there is some great climbing at Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve.



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Why Just Roughin' It Rocks!

Why Just Roughin' It Rocks!

Besides having some of the best fans in adventure travel, we outfit you with top quality gear, feed you tasty food, take you to some of the most amazing places in the United States - if not the world.

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