Why We Rock

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Why We Rock

Any company can boast that they know all the cool trails and sites, have experienced guides, have wilderness medical training, and a love of the outdoors. Well guess what? We all do! When you decide to go with Just Roughin' It, you are getting an extra bit of awesomeness that is unexplainable. Maybe because we are sought out by national and international media as experts in the field. Or maybe because we are all so good looking. Or maybe we are more than just an adventure tour company.  We are looking to give you the experience of a lifetime that requires a bit of extra hard work and a sense of adventure.  Life is just too short to see the world from a bus window, a motel room door, google maps or from the back of a Sherpa. 

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We Simplify Your Havasupai Backpacking Tour Transportation

In simple terms, we provide transportation from the Phoenix area.  Yes, Havasupai is 4.5 hours away but all major airlines fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport so why spend so much time flying just to then drive yourself another 2 hours to get to Flagstaff? Not to mention all your time spent planning travel in a place you may never have been before.  We take out all the guess work!

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We Are Watching You!

Sound freaky? Maybe if you are in a public bathroom, but maybe not when you are in the wilderness. When you are on a hike with us, the office staff can track where your hiking group is at any given time, 24/7. Plus, the guide can text us if there are any issues on the trail. And if an emergency arises, he or she can get an SOS signal out immediately to emergency personal. This is great for your safety and well-being and WAY better than a satellite phone that is very unreliable in the canyon. How do we do this you ask? We use a nifty device called the DeLorme InReach. This little gadget is a tracking device where we can watch the group no matter how remote the trail is. Click the button below for details on the Delorme InReach.

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We Have a Groovy Staff

All our staff have you in mind when deciding what trip is best for you, and we are not offended if our trips are not what you are looking for - Roughin' It isn't for everyone, but it is fun! All our guides love the outdoors, have the proper certifications required to guide in the wilderness (WFR, EMT, Water Rescue, AMGA, PCIA), and are trained beyond the standards required by all governing bodies overseeing the lands in which Just Roughin' It offers trips. We have emergency and medical protocols in place (which we rarely use) and 24 hour staffing in the rare event there is an emergency on the trail that the guide cannot handle.

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We Supply You With Top Notch Gear 

Our staff will set you up on a backpacking or JRI Adventure that you will never forget! From booking at our corporate office, food and gear set up at our regional locations, to the trips lead by our expert wilderness guides, the staff at JRI will ensure a groovy experience. We outfit all of our guests with $800-$1,000 worth of the best gear on the market. Whether you are trekking through the Havasupai, Yosemite, or Olympic - rest assured that we have your back covered. 

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We Have Yummy Food

Our menu is designed for the outdoors but for people who do not want to eat freeze-dried backpacking meals. Our meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen or are shelf stable and follow food safety regulations to ensure your meals are tasty and safe to eat when out in the wilderness.  This means no one is creating your menu in their home kitchen - yikes!  We can also cater to special diets such a vegetarian and gluten free.

We Have a Cool Store!

Not only do we outfit you with the best gear, we also sell it. Through our Gear Store in Scottsdale, AZ, we can outfit you with the other items you need for your trip or for anything else you might need for your future excursions. Visit us in person or shop for some stuff online.  

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The Media Loves Us

We have been receiving unsolicited press since we started our business in 2006 - US News & World Report was our first!  Not to mention the awesome article about how we were banned from Grand Canyon National Park - Bucket List Complete!

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Need more info?

Not convinced? Contact us by requesting a reservation and we can help you decide.  We are pretty darn personable and here for you.  It's okay if you are still just browsing, complete the reservation form anyway and we can help you through every step of your planning process to ensure you select the trip that is best for you. And if you decide we are not the right company for you, we will not be offended if you go elsewhere. 

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