Black Diamond offers a variety of trekking poles for any tipe of hiker - from the serious trekker to the weekend warrior.  Whichever you may be, trekking poles are essential to assist on the long and steep downhills when hiking Grand Canyon or hiking up over the Sierras in Yosemite.  They can also help you take the load off your legs and knees and distribute it to the poles.

Gear Category: Trekking Poles
For Rental:
Included With Trips:
Sold In Store:
Adventure Type: Backpacking
Weight: 9.00
Rental Gear Description:

1st 5 days - $10
Each additional day - $2

Model of trekking pole may vary.

Included With Trips Gear Description:

Black Diamond trekking poles are included with all Just Roughin' It guided backpacking and day hiking trips. Model of trekking pole may vary.