Rim to Rim: Grand Canyon in a Day Hiking Preparation Guide

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Do you want to hike Rim to Rim of Grand Canyon! Our guide has all the information you need to plan your trip - from logistics to what to wear on your feet. Written by a former Grand Canyon guide and Exercise Science educator to provide you insight on someone that KNOWS what it is like in the canyon at any given time, wand the details you may not think to research when planning on your own. Yes, you would be able to find all this information on "The Google", but that could take you hours or days.

Please note: the information in the e-book is not to be shared on social media or any other public forum.

Also note: Hiking Grand Canyon Rim to Rim is a strenuous physical activity that is dangerous and can lead to death. Do not attempt without proper training, preparation and consultation from your physician. This guide is just that, a guide. You must determine if hiking Grand Canyon, or taking on any strenuous endeavor, is right for you and you are right for it.

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