Ibex W2 Sport Tee

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Ibex W2 Sport T uses new Weightless Wool fabric in an innovative yarn with a nylon core that is wrapped in New Zealand Merino wool for a lightweight, performance fabric that naturally out performs all-synthetic sport layers. The W2 Sport T feels soft, resists odor and performs with the versatility of wool so you can concentrate on wherever sport takes you.

W2 (Weightless Wool)
A nylon core is wrapped with wool to create a hardy fiber without bulk or weight. Weightless Wool is designed to be softer, more durable and lighter than synthetic workout fabrics. A perfect fabric when used alone for warmer days of aerobic work or layered to add warmth in colder activity.

Fiber Source: Australia
Where the fibers of this fabric are sourced.
Fabric Source: Thailand
Where the fibers are knit or woven into this fabric.
Garment Source: Canada
Where the fabric is assembled into this garment.

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