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After much blood, sweat and tears (love listening to those guys), the new Just Roughin' It online retail store is mostly functional! So get ready to shop for all the coolest clothing and gear for the serious and not-so-serious adventurer. We will be adding new stuff often so tell your boss you are totally working right now while you are shopping for your weekend get-a-way.

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Back of a backpack in Grand Canyon

All of us are, or were, beginners to backpacking at one time or another. You are not born with experience and skills, you try, fail, practice, try again, make a mistake, try again, and so on.  It is an ongoing, but wonderful practice that just makes you better.  But...

June 11, 2017
Camping in Grand Canyon on South Bass Trail

What is the perfect campsite? This is a difficult question to answer since you can't always just find a flat piece of ground and take that as your space. Use area restrictions, terrain, water sources, crowds just to name a few play a big part in selecting THE spot. But...

March 20, 2017
Traffic in Yosemite National Park during a holiday weekend

Yosemite National Park is one of the busiest of the national parks - seeing over 5 million visitors per year and the majority visiting from May to September each year. Once you are there, it will become immediatley apparent why this is the case - it is effing amazing! It...

March 10, 2017