Sample Grand Canyon Menu

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The menu for Grand Canyon backpacking trips vary based on the length of the trip and seasonality, so this is just a sample of the menu items we will have on the trip.  Keep in mind, we are not permitted to bring fresh nor repackaged food per National Park and state health department standards (which is very strict in the state of Arizona).  There is no refrigeration, porters or pack animals carrying food, nor campfires allowed.  Therefore, food we serve must be shelf stable (keeping you E.coli free - we know you would not willingly eat at a restaurant that has had raw or cooked meat sitting out at room temperature for 4+ hours, so you should never expect that on a backcountry trip). It also must be lightweight and easy to prepare on a small backpacking stove the guide carries (wait until you see how we do this - it's pretty amazing). And of course, while some people find freeze-dried meals tasty, and they are, we want to be able to do more for you than add water to a bag and stare at it for 10 minutes while it reconstitutes.  Our menu is based on the carbs you need to complete a backpacking trip so if you are on a high protien diet, please bring supplemental protien.  Our meals are roughly 65% Carbohydrate, 20% Protein and 15% Fat. If you have any dietary restrictions, please use this as a guideline to supplement as needed.  Some of these menu items can be adjusted for Vegetarian, Gluten Free or Lactose Intolerant diets. Also, if you are a big eater, adding more snacks to your snack pile isn't a bad idea as well! We provide the correct portions for what is needed energy-wise but some people are light eaters and others are Claim Jumper eaters.

Anyway, after much ado...

Oatmeal - you cannot have a camping trip without oatmeal and we have add-ins like pecans, Almond Butter, and dried fruits.
CousCous and Fruit - our own high carb recipe (but couscous does have protein).
Bountiful Harvest Soft Granola and Milk (packaged in Mesa, AZ for Just Roughin' It by Lehi Valley).
Scrambled Eggs and Hash Browns (from Cache Lake).

Pre-made sandwiches from a local deli - Turkey or Vegetarian.
Chicken Salad with walnuts and cranberries - JRI recipe.
Grand Canyon sack lunch - this is pretty much our version of the sack lunch hikers can purchase from Phantom Ranch. It may include PB&J, smoked almonds or corn nuts, apple sauce, toffee/almond popcorn.
Hummus on Pita Bread or Bagels and other snacks.

Spaghetti Western - Marinara Sauce on Pasta - JRI recipe.
Thanksgiving Dinner - Stuffing with turkey and mashed potatoes.  Crowd favorite!
Cheesy Polenta with Sundried Tomato, Green Chili and Spam - JRI Recipe.
Dinners from Cache Lake like Mac and Cheese, Chicken Stew with Biscuits, Beef Stroganoff.
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Baked Beans, Spam and Spam.

Our own version of s'mores - since we cannot have campfires. Chocolate pudding on Graham Crackers topped with marshmallow.


Toll Free:877-399-2477