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Have you ever tried getting a Grand Canyon backcountry permit or figure out how to set up the logistics around a Rim to Rim trip? Just Roughin' It's Outfitting Service is a great way to have much of your planning and logistics taken care of for you without having to go with a guide and a group of other hikers unknown to you. While there are a lot of pros to having a guide with you every step of the way, many of the trails in places like Grand Canyon National Park, Havasupai and Yosemite are easy to navigate and can have 100s of people on the trail over the course of your trip. Not everyone needs a guide and the majority of hikers go without. But the hardest part about planning a trip in Grand Canyon and Havasupai is negotiating the logistics - how to best your chances of getting your permit, what permit do you need, how do you get to the canyon, where do you stay, etc.  And while you could eventually find all this information your self - maybe - why not have someone that has the knowledge to consult and do much of the footwork for you for a fraction of the cost of hiring a guide.

Pricing:  $87.50/person/day

Price Includes



65-75 Liter Backpacks 

All dinners and breakfasts from dinner on the first day through breakfast on the last day. There will be an assortment of meals from Alpine Aire,
Cache Lake and custom menus to choose from. Meals provided depend on what you feel comfortable preparing and how much addiltional cookware you want to carry:)

Route planning
20 F or 45 F Sleeping Bag depending on the season An assortment of tea Transportation Logistics

2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent (1 tent per 2 people)

Ground premium coffee Training information for your route

Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite mat

Sugar and non-dairy creamer Lodging planning and logistics
Trekking Poles   All the information you need to ensure a worry-free trip (as long as you do your part and train!
JetBoil Backpacking Stove (1 per 2 people)   Map for the area marked up by the experts -us!
Cooking supplies for JetBoil - 1.5 Liter pot, kitchen utensils, coffee press adapter, fuel, Camp Suds and scrubber   Trail and route information.
Camp Supplies - Tarp, Rat sacks, Drom bag, Solar Luci Light Kitchen Sink, Odor Proof bags   So much advice you will get tired of hearing us talk.

Outfitting does not include permits, transportation or a personal guide.  If you are in need of a permit for your Grand Canyon National Park trip, we can assist you in obtaining the permit on your own with tips to best your chances of getting the route you want and completing the permit request for you.  The fee for this service is $100 per permit request submitted.


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