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You've got questions - we've got answers! And make sure you read ALL of these. We don't want you to give us your hard earned money until you know exactly what you are getting into. For example - yes this happens A LOT - please don't contact us 2 weeks before your backpacking trip and ask if you have to carry your backpack. Our answer will be, "well, it won't carry itself."

If that happens, contact us and we will help determine if you are capable of completing the trip based on your current status. This is also why we highly recommend that everyone purchase travel insurance. 

We provide all meals from lunch on day one to breakfast on the last day for all of our backpacking trips. The types of meals are shelf stable, meaning we do not serve you items that need to be refrigerated because we do not have the means to keep food fresh and e.coli free. We also do not serve you freeze dried, just add water meals either.  All meals, with the exception of lunch on day one, are prepared by your guide while on the trail. We do ask all guests to help the guide with his or her load. You may be asked to carry 2-3 lbs of food on the first day of your trip. The longer the trip, the more food eveyone needs to help carry. Here is a link to the sample menu.

Think of Grand Canyon as a reverse mountain - you start your hike in cooler temperatures and they get warmer as you hike below the rim.  Temperatures are comparable to Phoenix, AZ temperatures at the bottom - pleasant in the Spring, Fall and Winter and HOT in Summer.  The canyon does get snow in the higher elevations (along the rim) but winter hiking in the canyon is great with mild inner canyon temps in the 60s.  Click on the following links for current rim and inner canyon temperatures. Don't check standard weather sites - they only give you the weather forecast for the South Rim and are not applicable if you are going on a backpacking trip.

South Rim

North Rim

Inner Canyon (Phantom Ranch)

The price for each trip can be found on the trip description pages. 

A deposit of 50% of the total trip price is due upon the booking of a trip. The balance is due no later than 60 days before the date of departure and will be charged to the card on file unless otherwise specified. If you decide to cancel your trip for any reason, the following fees apply and are due to Just Roughin' It at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice of your cancellation. 

More than 120 days                                                                25% of trip cost
120 to 61 days                                                                          50% of trip cost
60 days or less                                                                        100% of trip cost

Pricing for all of our trips does not include guide gratuity. Our guides are awesome - they deserve a little extra $! Tips are usually $25-$35 per person per day.

The price for each trip can be found on the trip description pages. Payment of the full trip price is due upon booking. 

If you must be a party pooper and cancel your trip 72 hours or more before your trip date, we will refund your payment in full. 

Pricing for all of our trips does not include guide gratuity. Our guides are awesome - they deserve a little extra $! Tips are usually 10%-15% of the total trip price.

We keep our groups small so that we can provide each person with some individual attention. Grand Canyon tours have a 1:5, guide to guest ratio with a maximum of 9 guests to 2 guides and other tours may have a 1:7, guide to guest ratio max. You will never be on a trip with more than 14 other people unless you are with your own large group.  We can make your trip private for an additional fee.

Our food is extremely tasty and we do more than just add water. We are one of the few West coast, Southwest and Arizona adventure tours and guide services in the nation to offer such an eclectic, mouthwatering menu; but, you have to come on one of our trips to give it a taste test. The menu includes couscous, polenta, pasta, quinoa, dried and fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible.  The food we carry is shelf stable and must be able to hold up on the trail for over multiple days in different climates so steaks every night is not an option. A local chef developed the menu with delicious entrees that are prepared by the guide. We can accommodate vegetarians and guests with food allergies (i.e. gluten/wheat free diets).

All multi-day hiking or backpacking trips include roundtrip transportation from Phoenix (North Scottsdale). All Olympic and Yosemite multi-day backpacking trips meet at the park at a pre-determined location .  All hiking and backpacking trips, whether Grand Canyon, Yosemite or Olympic, include necessary gear (double occupancy tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, trekking poles, backpack) certified guide, permits and fees and all meals and snacks while on the trail. Tips for your awesome guides are NOT included in the price.

All half and full day adventures include transportation from the Just Roughin' It Outdoor Gear Store at 8659 E Shea Blvd., Ste 175 in Scottsdale, AZ.  All full day adventures include lunch.

Right!?! It is a pain in the gluteus but what you gonna do? So here is our attempt to explain a convoluted Federal Government process.  Here goes.

Backcountry campsites in Grand Canyon National Park are not guaranteed until the park issues permits through a lottery system that can only be entered via fax - pretty certain they are still using dot matrix. Permit requests are submitted 4 months in advance of the first day of each month. Once dates are confirmed from the park, you will receive an email confirming the route and dates received.

To apply for a Grand Canyon permit, you will want to apply for permits before permits are issued, so it is beneficial to reserve your dates 5 months before your departure month, if not sooner.  More often than not, the number of spaces "prebooked" fill up before permits are processed and those who reserved first get priority.  If dates that work for you are not secured, your deposit will be refunded in full. This means you will want to be flexible with your routes and dates - and the more flexible you are, the better chance you will have of getting a trip.

AND, because most backcountry campsites in the Grand Canyon accommodate 5 guests and 1 guide, small groups (5 or less) have a higher success rate than large groups (6 to 9).

So what does all this mean? It means dates and routes are never guaranteed (see below for a chart detailing when you need to apply for your permit).  It also means you DO NOT want to make any travel plans, i.e. flights, until you receive your email confirming your dates and itinerary about 3 weeks after the permits come available.  For example, if you are booking an October trip, you will receive an email on or around June 18th.  Please give us a call at 480-857-2477 for more details on this process.  PHEWW! See what we mean? 

DESIRED TRIP MONTH                               



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August 1

Our Olympic backpacking trips include shuttle service to the trail head from Port Angeles, WA.

For all Yosemite National Park hiking or backpacking trips, we meet you at the park. Location depends upon the actual route you will be taking with us.

For all Arizona backpacking trips, you are picked up from the Fairfield Inn Scottsdale North the morning of the trip. If you decide to use your own transportation and meet at the closer to the trailhead, please inform the guide service well in advance to organize a meeting location.

We know the terrain, the gear and are trained to respond in an emergency.  A guidebook can only take you so far. Our guides provide you with some security. Plus, we take the guess work out of planning a backpacking, hiking or kayaking adventure.  We take care of the logistics, the gear and the food for you.  You just need to bring yourself - ready for adventure of course! Our clients come to us because they know they're going to have a safe and unbelievably fun time.

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