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For an Arizona backpacking trip, the Superstition Wilderness is the place to explore!  The area encompasses over 159,000 acres of land in the Tonto National Forest east of Phoenix, Arizona. It's beauty and remoteness makes the area a hiker's dream - hundreds of miles of trail, perennial water sources and varied elevations, making the area a great 3-season hiking destination. The Superstition Wilderness also carries with it a long history from early Native Americans, Mexican miners, American settlers, gold miners, cattle ranchers, US military and even contemporary hunters for the legendary Lost Dutchman's Goldmine. You may not stumble upon the hidden riches, but we'll show you other Sonoran Desert treasures like petroglyphs, ancient ruins, the icon of the southwest - the Saguaro Cactus, wildflowers and the beauty of Mother Nature. Hiking in the Superstition Wilderness is a great way to see another side of Arizona, explore the vast acreage of wilderness just outside the hustle and bustle of Phoenix.

A backpacking trip in Superstition Wilderness is perfect for the hiker who wants an experience that is outside the norm - a hike that is not just a check off your bucket list. You can come to Arizona to hike the Grand Canyon with all the tourists, or you can hike the Superstitions where you will only see a few handfuls of people while in the backcountry, experience the beauty of one of the most unique deserts in the world and camp by a real campfire!  That's right, there are no campfires allowed in Grand Canyon. With so many trails to choose from, it is also a great place for the novice backpacker that wants a real wilderness experience, or the experienced backpacker, that wants some time to hone in on their wilderness skills in the desert environment. Some trails are wide and easy to follow, while others are narrow, rocky, overgrown and require some trail finding skills. 

Educational Trips

Are you ready to learn some off the grid skills? The best way - turn off your phone, grab a pack, get your legs moving and come out to the Superstition Wilderness with us for an overnight to learn some amazing skills that will help you get off the grid more often - with friends or family. We will show you some outdoors skills like map reading, Leave No Trace principles, camp set up, packing light, but with essentials (and comfort), etc. If you are already a skilled backpacker, you may learn a tip or two.  Or, maybe you know it all but just need some people to back pack with.

Tips for Packing Your Backpack

Too often, we see people on multiple day backpacking trips that, aside from looking like they are packed for a 3 week excursion, their packs are obviously packed improperly - gear strapped in on every possible place outside the pack and nothing packed inside; 5 lb tent packed on one side, pots and pans dangling on the other side, clanking with every step. You name it - we have seen it!

So to save your back and yourself from several days of torture, here are some tips (and a super cool graphic) on how to properly pack your backpack.

Reservation for Dolly Thomas

2 people, and we have all our own gear i.e. packs, tents, sleeping pads & bags, etc, need trip anytime between March 14-18, 2016 because of Spring Break dates.

19 Tips to Staying Warm While Sleeping in Cold Weather

Regardless of what season you decide to venture out into the wilderness for a few nights, you are likely to encounter some cold temperatures - temperatures in Grand Canyon in the winter months can drop below freezing, and this applies also to summer hikes in the High Sierras in Yosemite.

Dutchman Loop

The Superstition Mountains and the legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine have been written about in books are the subject of the movie Lust for Gold. This trip takes you into the heart of the wilderness in the area that many feel the gold mine is located. The tour takes you over mountain passes and into canyons that can be lush with vegetation past areas where Salado Indians lived hundreds of years ago and where miners camped only decades ago. Deer, big horn sheep and coyote inhabit this area as well as many species of plants from giant saguaro cacti to desert wildflowers.

Reavis Ranch/ Roger's Canyon

The Reavis Ranch/Roger's Canyon backpacking trip is ripe with history - ancient and not so ancient. It is a secluded valley in the center of the eastern Superstitions once inhabited by the Salado Indians over 700 years ago and then by Elisha Reavis to establish a farm in 1874. Evidence of both still exist in the area -  a 700 year old ruin so well preserved that looks barely 20 years old, evidence of Reavis' Ranch and an old abandoned apple orchard that still bears fruit.

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