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Paria Canyon is found in the Vermillion Cliffs wilderness in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona and is famous for colorful slot canyons.  With only 30 people allowed in the area on any given night, your are guaranteed peaceful days of hiking and quiet nights. Paria canyon is home to among the longest and deepest slot canyons in the world. We take you trekking through these narrow gorges and around rare rock formations found only in this region. We'll also pass through some slot canyons that are so narrow; you can touch both sides with your arms spread out! Choose from a 5 day trip in the 42 mile canyon or a shorter trip to the famous Buckskin Gulch for a true slot canyon expereince. Please note - we do not offer trips to the Wave.

Tips for Packing Your Backpack

Too often, we see people on multiple day backpacking trips that, aside from looking like they are packed for a 3 week excursion, their packs are obviously packed improperly - gear strapped in on every possible place outside the pack and nothing packed inside; 5 lb tent packed on one side, pots and pans dangling on the other side, clanking with every step. You name it - we have seen it!

So to save your back and yourself from several days of torture, here are some tips (and a super cool graphic) on how to properly pack your backpack.

19 Tips to Staying Warm While Sleeping in Cold Weather

Regardless of what season you decide to venture out into the wilderness for a few nights, you are likely to encounter some cold temperatures - temperatures in Grand Canyon in the winter months can drop below freezing, and this applies also to summer hikes in the High Sierras in Yosemite.

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Interested in August dates for Paria Canyon. Have to plan further ahead than just a few months. Do you have any dates in August available yet?

Buckskin Gulch

Paria Canyon is home to the longest canyon in the world - Buckskin Gulch. Our 3 day trip is the perfect way to travel in much of the slot canyon without having to spend too much time away from civilization - as if that's a bad thing. The itinerary below is the simpler of two options - an out and back from White House Ruin or a one way through Wire Pass and out White House Ruin. The latter is a much more challenging option (wet, cold, little sun, prone to flash flood and narrow) but worth it if you are ready and willing.

Toll Free:877-399-2477