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Havasupai Falls


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Welcome to the Grand Canyon Havasupai hiking page! All the information you desire for a guided trip can be found amongst these pages. Simply click on the black tabs below to access all the information you need, i.e. pricing. Need more? Give us a call at 877-399-2477 or send us an email. IMPORTANT: We DO NOT provide general information about permits or the area. For information about visiting the area on your own, please call 928-448-2141. If you get a busy signal, keep trying!

Havasupai Falls


Havasu Falls in Arizona's Grand Canyon, also known as Havasupai Falls (pronounced HAVE-a-sue-PIE where the 'a' sounds like duh), is just one of several majestic waterfalls found on the Havasupai reservation that are anywhere from 75 to 200 feet high. While you will not see the amazing vistas Grand Canyon is known for, you will experience some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Grand Canyon and in the United States. The hike to Havasu Falls is perfect for novice adventurers, a family vacation or a getaway with a group of friends. After you carry your backpacks into Havasu Canyon, we set up base camp at Havasu Creek and spend our free days exploring the trails in the area and swimming by waterfalls.

Just Roughin' It DOES NOT utilize horses, mules or any 2, 4, 8 or 10 legged creature of any kind to assist you to get to the area - and we have not since 2008. We are a backpacking company and feel the best way to enjoy the area is from your own hard work, not off the backs of others. No one is entitled to visit nor explore amazing places just becasue it is there. The more you work for it, the more you will appreciate and respect it - or did your mom not teach you that?  I bet she did.  Remember the Walkman cassette player you paid for? I bet you never let your younger sister ever touch it because you bought it with your hard earned allowance money.  And yet she still got bubble gum stuck in it! And then you stuck her head in the toilet. Yeah, never happened to me either.

Our Havasupai tours will take you through the village of Supai, which is inhabited by the Havasupai Indians, and then on to a Havasu Falls campground where we spend a few nights under the stars next to the bustling Havasu Creek. All of our hiking tour options allow you plenty of time to explore Havasu Falls, the 198-foot Mooney Falls, and the two new falls created by the 2008 flood.

Our Havasu Falls hikes can be customized, so if you are looking for more adventure and more solitude, we can spend one of the days hiking to the Colorado River, about 16 miles round trip. It's long, it's challenging and it is not a guarantee the entire group will have the ability and endurance to make it (the entire group would have to be able to accomplish the hike), but you will see some of the most stunning parts of the Grand Canyon - and maybe even a family of bighorn sheep. But you do have to be physically up for the long day of hiking.

The below itinerary depicts a standard 4 day trip. If you are looking for 3 days, take out the 3rd day of hangin' at the falls. Want a 5 day trip? Add a day of hangin' at the falls - it's that easy!

Day 1

Our tour begins in North Scottsdale. We head to the trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop. Once we arrive, we will hike 10 miles (16.1 km) to the campground and descend about 2,200 ft (670.6 m). On the hike to the campground, we pass through the village of Supai, which has a post office, general store and cafe. In fact, Supai is the most remote village in the USA. Keep in mind the hike is mostly in a dry river bed so it is sandy and gravelly (meaning it can be slow goin').

Day 2

After breakfast, we will hike downstream from the campground on a 6-mile round trip hike to the remote Beaver Falls. Along the trail between Mooney and Beaver Falls, you will cross the Havasu Creek several times and your path will take you through fields of canyon grape. Beaver Falls is a great destination as its is a lesser visited waterfall. Go a little further and you will cross back into Grand Canyon National Park. Today's hike is 6 miles roundtrip.

Day 3

Today is spent exploring the four waterfalls in the area: Havasu, Mooney, Rock Falls and the new Navajo Falls. The last two falls were created in the flood of 2008. There are plenty of places to swim and great scenery around every corner. We may also head into the village of Supai for a lunch of Indian Tacos (this is optional and not included in package price). Total hiking distance for the day is around 5 to 7 miles (8 to 11.3 km).

Day 4

We follow the same trail we came in, but this time we head up 2,200 (670.6 m) feet over 10 miles (16.1 km). The hike up is relatively gradual until the last 1.2 miles (1.9 km), which we take slow and easy. Once we pack up the vehicles, the group is welcome to join the guides for lunch in the Route 66 town of Seligman, AZ. Lunch is optional and not included in the package.


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My 15 year old daughter and I participated in the Havasupai Falls hike this year for spring break. This trip was AMAZING!! The scenery of the trip is breath taking! It is an experience we will never forget. Just Roughin' It supplied high end equipment from the backpack, tent, sleeping bag and food/snacks. Our guide, Adam, was TOP NOTCH! He was personable, prepared, professional, a wealth of knowledge, supportive, encouraging and darn right FUN! This really was a trip of lifetime and I highly recommend it.




My wife and I went on the Havasu Falls trip in April 2017. It was fabulous. Our guide, Adam, was knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly helpful regarding any issue. The equipment was top of the line and it made a difference for fit and comfort.

The scenery is stunning and we couldn't get over the feeling of "wow" everywhere we looked. There was a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the trip knowing that we packed everything in and back out without help of mules or helicopters :-P

I highly recommend JRI!

Brad Whittle



My daughter and I had a wonderful experience from 4/19to 4/21/17.Guiding by Jef was great...he was extremely supportive and helpful. Would not have been able to do Mooney Falls descent/ascent or the hike out of the canyon without his words of encouragement. His knowledge of the Havasupai Canyon was phenomenal!!!

Jean Peppard



Thanks for the trip of a lifetime! I can't believe we were able to do this - it was physically challenging and completely AMAZING. I have never been any place more beautiful. Our guide was encouraging and the food he made was great. They even accommodated my vegan diet. TAKE THIS TRIP!




Just to say a great big thank you for not using those poor pack animals. That is awesome!

Sarah collier



In May we (the Jackson Family) had the most wonderful adventure to Havasu Falls. The canyon of course is spectacular and words cannot begin to describe the beauty of the waterfalls, canyon walls, sky and on and on. Even being there looking at the scenery it seemed surreal! Another reason trip was amazing is because of our fabulous guide Chad Teerink! Of course Chad was very knowledgeable about the area and backpacking put that was to be expected. What was unexpected was how well he fit into our family trip, he was wonderful and we built a real trust and friendship with him. He custom made the trip to meet each of our expectations and more. My husband exhibited some heat exhaustion symptoms on the way down and Chad was quick to react in treating him and avoiding a serious situation. Throughout the days of hiking we had our share of bister's and sore feet and Chad was very attentive in taking care of us. On the hike out he was encouraging and supportive and brought us out of the canyon proud of our accomplishment and so happy we could share it with him! He related so well to each member of the family in his own way, building a trusting relationship for us all. Havasu is specular no doubt; but having Chad as our guide made the adventure so much more. He certainly is an advocate for Just Roughing It and an asset to your team! We wish him every success he is an amazing young man! Our lives have all been touched my this incredible adventure with him!

The Jackson Family - Tom, Peg, Meg and Tom



My friend and I just finished this amazing adventure with two others and our guide Kyle. Kyle was fantastic...very knowledgeable, very accommodating to those that had some fears and other issues, and just overall a great guy! We were able to see everything and spend ample time at each set of falls. It was an absolute perfect trip, great weather, great food, great views, a wonderful guide. I would definitely recommend booking a trip through JRI as we felt a great sense of reward and fulfillment backpacking in on our own. Thank you JRI and Kyle for the perfect trip!

Fallon Westlund



Jeremy and Canon took our group of 8, ranging in age from 17 to 51, on the three-day Supai hike. The heat wave at the end of June made it extra challenging! Our guides were patient and knowledgeable. Our food was great, the gear excellent, and we all enjoyed it enough that we will be looking seriously at doing some of the other outings JRI offers.

Lauren Lawson



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3 daysMay 12,2018 - May 14,2018$1050Book Now / More Info
4 daysMay 18,2018 - May 21,2018$1250Book Now / More Info
4 daysMay 26,2018 - May 29,2018$1250Book Now / More Info
4 daysJun 2,2018 - Jun 5,2018$1250Book Now / More Info
4 daysJun 10,2018 - Jun 13,2018$1250Book Now / More Info
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"My favorite Grand Canyon hike - this month - is the Tanner to Grandview hike. Awesome views like none other in the canyon, 3 nights camping on the Colorado River, few people and the aboslute backpacking trip of a lifetime. There is a reason Backpacker mag voted it as one of the best backpacking trips ever! "
10 years experience
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