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Grand Canyon Day Hikes


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Grand Canyon Day Hikes


Beginnning January 1, 2018, Just Roughin' It will no longer offer day hikes in Grand Canyon National Park. But do continue to use our information as a source to plan your day hike in Grand Canyon.

Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park is essential for any visitor and there are many day hiking options for all levels of hiker. PLEASE NOTE: Hikes that go rim to rim or from rim to river to rim are not recommended. These are available as multi-day grand canyon backpacking trips only.

The Bright Angel Trail is the most popular and busiest trail in Grand Canyon National Park. Our Grand Canyon day hikes on Bright Angel trail can vary from 3 to 12 miles, turning around anywhere from the One and a Half Mile House after 1.5 miles or hike 12 miles round trip to the picturesque Plateau Point with a fantastic view over looking the Colorado River. There is plenty to see as you hike down (and up) Bright Angel Trail - from 900 year old Native American pictographs to views galore. You might even spot California Condor or Big Horn sheep only a few yards below the rim. And because there are rest houses with water and shade along the trail, this is a great option for the warmer summer months. Winter hiking this trail is great as well. Throw on some ice cleats and you get to see the canyon layers adorned in the white stuff. *A hike to Indian Garden and Plateau Point is a long day so additional fees do apply.

Mileage - 6 to 11*
Duration - 5 to 8*

The Hermit Trail is easily accessible from Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim but feels like it is miles from the tourist centers of the canyon. Compared to the hundreds of people that descend the Bright Angel trail on a daily basis, a Grand Canyon day hike down the Hermit trail will have you hiking with only a few canyon hikers, a great way to get away from the crowds without extra travel. Views, well-maintained trails, and over-all canyon awesomeness will greet you around every switch-back! Choose from a hike to Santa Maria Springs (a 5 mile round-trip hike into the canyon with a drop of 1,760 feet) or Dripping Springs (6.5 miles round trip with a descent from the rim of a mere 960 ft of narrow trail in some areas).

Mileage - 5 to 6.5
Duration - 5 to 6 hours

The South Kaibab Trail is a popular day hike in Grand Canyon, offering stunning vantage points most anywhere you stop to look. Hike .9 miles and descend 600 ft to Ooh Aah Point. (Kaibab is pronounced KY-bab where KY rhymes with Eye and bab rhymes with cab - for those of you who like to learn new words). Then continue another .6 miles and 500 ft descent to Cedar Ridge. For those ready for more of a challenge, continue your descent to Skeleton Point - 3 miles from the rim and a descent of 2000 ft below the rim. Those who make it to this destination will see the Colorado River and Bright Angel Camp still 3000 ft below. These three destinations along the trail make this a great trail for all levels of hikers looking to get a feel for what hiking the canyon is all about - beauty, splendor and heavy breathing!

Mileage - 4 to 6
Duration - 5 to 6 hours

Horseshoe Mesa is a Grand Canyon day hike that takes the steep and strenuous Grandview Trail, 3 miles with a descent of 2,600 vertical feet to a mesa chock full of artifacts from the historic Last Chance Copper Mine. We can explore the only cave in the canyon that is open to visitors. This trip is great for Grand Canyon hikers who are looking for a less crowded and challenging trail. We will explore the cave, go to the end of the west arm of the mesa for views down to the Colorado River over 2,000ft below. Expect the day to be 6-8 hours from start to finish - the mileage doesn't seem like much but with exploring and the steepness of the trail, the day is long.

Mileage - 6 to 8
Duration - 7 to 8 hours

Click here for a map of Grand Canyon Village and the vicnity. You will also be provided a map upon entering the park - there is an entrance fee.


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I booked the Hermit Trail day hike with 3 other friends. We had never been to the Grand Canyon before. This hike was a perfect introduction. The trail was much less busy than the other trails that we hiked on our own. Our guide, Ryan, was amazing...knowledgable, patient, and entertaining. His enthusiasm and respect for the canyon was infectious.

Gillian Kern



Bucket List; Grand Canyon Hike-- check!
A girlfriend & I travelled to the Grand Canyon in March for the first time. We chose Roughin It for a Guided Day Hike down into the canyon. Our guide DALLAN was awesome! There was a slight technical issue (ie Follow instructions & wear the proper footwear). He was charismatic, patient, knowledgeable & just plain fun. The Day Hike on the South Kaibab Trail was the highlight of our trip. Thanks guys- job well done!

Annie Richardson



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"My favorite Grand Canyon hike - this month - is the Tanner to Grandview hike. Awesome views like none other in the canyon, 3 nights camping on the Colorado River, few people and the aboslute backpacking trip of a lifetime. There is a reason Backpacker mag voted it as one of the best backpacking trips ever! "
10 years experience
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