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Half Dome

Yosemite Half Dome hike "A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths." - Steven Wright

Yosemite: Half Dome Backpacking Tour

Going on Just Roughin' It Half Dome backpacking tour is a once and a life time experience.  For three days we’ll guide you on a hike to the famous and most popular location within Yosemite National Park - Half Dome.  Hiking to Half Dome is so popular, even day hikers have to have a permit to hike the monolith, limiting the numbers of people hiking the great monolith.

Our Half Dome hike takes you to Little Yosemite Valley for two nights where we set up a base camp so we can get an early start to hike up Half Dome on day two.  Enjoy the scenery and views of Nevada and Vernal Falls as you make your way through the valley along the Merced River and to our destination.  This is one of the most civilized camp areas of Yosemite - they have toilets and bear lockers!  So no need to carry those pesky bear canisters while you hike Half Dome in Yosemite.


Number of days: 3-4

Mileage: 20.1 miles / 32.34 km with Half Dome

Elevation Gain/Loss: 3,200 ft / 975 m

3 Day Half Dome Itinerary and Trip Details
3 Day Half Dome Alternate Route Itinerary and Trip Details
4 Day Half Dome Itinerary and Trip Details

Trip Ratings

Trip Cost/Person

3 Days 4 Days
From Fresno $750 $950

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Rating: 54321

This was an experience above the ordinary - made even memorable by two great guides Lucy and Ryan and some excellent organisation by Just Roughin It.

Having made the trip from Europe to do this hike, I had high expectations - I wasn't let down. The scenery is literally breathtaking and more than enough to take your mind off the tough terrain and demanding conditions. The highlight is of course the Half Dome itself - a tough and slightly nerve jangling climb but our guides wisely ensured we were readyto tackle the cables by 1030 in the morning, missing the crowds (it was July) and enjoying a less stressy ascent.

The trek back down to the valley following the Mist Trail was also amazing - around every corner was a fantastic view and the cool mists and rainbows from the falls set the seal on a memorable hike.

I would not hesitate to use JRI again or recommend their services - their expertise and skills are essential for a succesfull Half Dome ascent and from start to finish, my enquiries and indeed the whole process have been dealt with professionally and courteously.

Enjoy the hike.....'cos I know you're gonna do it!


By Neil Clark on 2013-07-21

Rating: 54321

Just finished the 3 day Half Dome trip with our guide Lucy Green. Lucy was outstanding, treated us like royalty and was very knowledgeable and helpful the whole trip. The food was great and the gear provided made the trip comfortable. Value of the experience was well worth the cost. Thanks Lucy!

By Greg McDonald on 2013-07-16

Rating: 54321


Lucy Green was GREAT!!!!!!!! She saved my life!!!! I had a blister on my foot that you could almost see and she fixed it. smile It was a wonderful time and we would recommend Just Roughin It to anyone.

It was like a 5 star hotel that smelled really bad. My wife said it was me.

My wife and I really worked hard to get ready for the 3 days of hiking with backpacks and Lucy took great care of us.

We look forward to doing another backpacking trip with Just Roughing It. We are sure that all your guides are very good, since you trained them and Lucy, but we would want Lucy again.

I am so glad that we did this trip with Just Roughing It. It would have been really roughing it without your program to take such good care of everything.

I cannot imagine doing another big hike without Just Roughin It.

I didn't have to worry about anything. I just had to enjoy the experience and I did.

Thanks again and Thanks!!!!! LUCY!!!!!

Tom and Julianna

By Tom & Julianna on 2013-06-26

Rating: 54321

This was fantastic trip. Everything was so well organized from p/u on day 01 to drop off at the end of the trip. Beautiful surroundings, great weather, a challenging hike.

The guide, James, was fantastic, laid back but very knowledgable. He let the group set the pace and pointed out great vistas to break at along the trail. He was obviously very familiar with the trail.
Small groups - we had 5 + guide which was great. Allowed for bonding among member of the group
The gear was top knotch, clean, good quality tents easy to assemble
The drivers to and from Yosemite were entertaining and on time. Had a great conversation with John on the way back!

Consider extra guide/cook to hike ahead and cook meals at campsite
Allow hikers to eat snack in the vehicle on the way to the park. Not being able to eat was annoying to the entire group.

In summary
Amazing trip - life changing really
Will recommend trip and company/guide to all friends
Would like to book another trip with James and bring my family this time.

By Ben R. on 2012-12-08

Rating: 54321

Just wanted to let you know that Sandy and I both enjoyed our hike to the top of Half Dome. It was the best vacation experiences that I've ever had. Also, our guide, Jonathan was great.

By Vaughn W. on 2012-12-08

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