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Do’s and Don’ts for Hikers

Make sure you have plenty of water if you're going on a Grand Canyon hike. Don't try to go on any hiking trails in Washington state that are more challenging than you can handle. Just Roughin' It will make sure you know all the do's and don'ts when it comes to hiking the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or Olympic National Parks. "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line." - Vizzini (The Princess Bride)

Here are some backpacking and hiking tips to help you prepare before, during and after your hiking or backpacking adventure. Be sure to visit our blog for more information!

Before the trip...

Do know what you're getting into 
We take all the guess work out of backpacking, providing all the gear and food you'll need. Yet, you should be sure to inquire about the terrain, climate, and difficulty. Ask any questions you may have about your specific tour. Preparation is key.

Do stay within your ability level 

We can help you decide which hike is right for your ability level. Overshooting your experience risks injury to yourself and others in the group.

Don't forget to train
Regular exercise and healthy eating is essential. We also recommend that you strength train and increase your cardio 12-18 weeks prior to the trip. Please contact us for detailed training tips appropriate to your tour. We have an adjunct professor of exercise science on staff with 10 years experience of training individuals for endurance sports who can answer questions.

Do break in your hiking shoes
To limit the chances of getting blisters, make sure you wear your shoes on a few hikes (or at the very least walk around in them) at least two weeks prior to your trip. You will want to do this for brand new shoes or older shoes you have not worn in a while.

Do pack appropriately 
Check out Our Gear for a list of what we provide and what you will need to bring. Remember that a day pack is used for day hikes, and a backpack is used to carry all of your gear for multi-day trips. Our backpacks weigh in at about 25-37 pounds (11.34-16.8 kg) fully packed for the average 3-4 day trip.

Do eat breakfast

Make certain you eat a substantial breakfast at least 3 hours before you start your hike. You can do this before you are picked up the day of your hike or we can stop along the way. You want to have sufficient energy to start your hike.

Don't forget the camera 
Capture memories and share your experience with friends and family. Photos are often the best mementos from a butt-kicking adventure.

During the trip...

Do speak up if you don't feel well 
Keeping quiet when you're in pain can risk further injury to yourself and the group. Take frequent breaks and tell the guide if you don't feel well. All guides are trained in wilderness first aid.

Don't forget to drinks lots of water and eat salty snacks
For every hour of outdoor activity, you should drink one half to one quart (or liter) of water while eating salty snacks - and even more when in the high temperatures you may experience in the Arizona desert. It's also vital to hydrate before and after your trip.

Don't forget to protect yourself from the sun 
That means you need to protect yourself in the winter months, as well the summer months. Bring sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Trust us - it will make your trip much more enjoyable.

Don't feed the animals

While they are all so cute and some will come right up to you, we want to keep the wildlife wild. Feeding them only brings harm to them and potentially yourself.

Do stay with the guide 
We'll give you plenty of time to rest or explore, but please don't leave the trail or the guide during the middle of the tour.

Do listen to your guide

Whether or not you may have backcountry experience, all areas have different guidelines and rules that we are expected to abide by. You are paying for our expertise in the area, so just kick back and let the guide do the guiding. This will make your trip much more enjoyable and safer for everyone involved. Remember: backpacking trips can take you to the middle of nowhere, and it is the guide's job to make decisions that are pertinent to the entire group's safety and enjoyment.

Don't leave your trash 
We travel to some of the most primitive and stunning areas of the West. We want to keep it that way, so please pick up any remnants of your trip.

Don't leave food in your backpacks, daypacks or tents
Upon arrival at camp, your guide will have a place for all food and trash. Leaving food in your bags or tents will ensure that you will have creatures eating through your tents and packs. Not only will you be lacking appropriate shelter, equipment and food for the remainder of your trip, you will be responsible for the replacement of any damaged gear that is supplied by Just Roughin' It Adventure Company.

Don't bleed, fall or drown 
No explanation necessary!

Do have a blast
It all boils down to having fun. If you come prepared and honor your limits, there's nothing left to do but enjoy yourself and experience the best of the outdoors.