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Olympic Coast

Olympic hiking trails lead you through the beautiful Olympic National Park Mountains. Let Just Roughin' It lead the way through one of the trails in Washington state, explore the lush land and even journey to the Pacific Coast trails, such as the Ozette Coast. Washington backpacking offers a rare adventure to the Pacific Western Coastline unlike anything you'll experience. "Sponges grow in the ocean. That just kills me. I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be if that didn't happen." - Steven Wright

Olympic: Olympic Coast Hiking Trips

While most people think of the temperate rain forests and glaciated peaks when considering Olympic National Park, the Olympic Coast is also part of the park's 922k acres of wilderness.  The Olympic Coast hike has you following some Olympic National Park trails, but most of the journey is along the sandy beaches between the Pacific Ocean and the lush forest.  Summer only brings on average 3.13 inches of rain per month in the area (just a bit more than you will encounter in Grand Canyon over the summer).

Although the hike itself is relatively easy, the challenge comes in knowing when the tides go out so the trip can continue.  Along the way, we will see tide pools that are home to various sea creatures; such as star fish, sea cucumbers, and anemones.  Your guide can even catch a couple crabs and cook them up for dinner (and for those of your whose minds went in the wrong direction, please come back).  Also notice the off shore islands and seas stacks near the beach and in the distance.  Plus, what makes for a better Olympic National Park backpacking trip than camping on the beach with a camp fire and few people around?  Like much of Olympic National Park; you have to hike to see the sights since there are very few places vehicles can access.

NOTE - Some coastal trips will not be available during times of high tide which will make the area impassible. 

Number of days: 3-6

Mileage: Varies

Elevation Gain/Loss: Varies

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Trip Ratings

  • Difficulty 3-5
  • OH @#%&! 1-4
  • Solitude 7

Trip Cost/Person

3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
From Port Angeles $725 $925 $1125 $1325

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Rating: 43211

Had a great time on the Olympic trip. The guide was super! - only hitch was the air mattress that the guide had for both me and my son were defective - would not hold air for very long - which made for very uncomfortable sleeping. That was disappointing - i expected, as you state on your website, that the equip was top notch (i could have brought my own). Other than that it was a great trip!

By Jim H. on 2012-12-08

Rating: 54321

In my two experiences (so far) with Just Roughin' It I would give 5 stars most definitely! The service provided is impossible to beat. How else could I see these amazing places? Just Roughin' It provides the expertise, the guidance, the meals, all of which free us up to appreciate the adventure completely!

The Olympic trip was great - beautiful as expected! Travis was a great guide, who made sure we were well fortified and safe! Very important on those rocks. The couple on the trip with me were fun as well. Totally relaxing, yet taxing! The perfect thing to leave work behind and focus on the here and now!!

By Dorothy T. on 2012-12-08

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