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Enchanted Valley

An Enchanted Valley hike with Just Roughin' It through the Olympic National Park Mountains will take you through the breathtaking rain forest. This location is perfect for an Olympic National Park vacation, you'll need plenty of time to take it all in as you go hiking or backpacking in the Olympic National Park's Enchanted Valley. Expect to see multiple waterfalls. This particular area of hiking trails in Washington state will be a hiking adventure you'll never forget. "The influence of fine scenery, the presence of mountains, appeases our irritations and elevates our friendships." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Olympic: Enchanted Valley Hiking Trip

After hiking 13 miles through the thick temperate rain forest of Olympic National Park, the forest will open up to the aptly named Enchanted Valley.  Sometimes known as the Valley of a Thousand Waterfalls because of the snow melting from the towering mountains surrounding the valley in the early summer months, this valley was created by the last ice age when a glacier filled the valley.  Now, the Quinalt River runs through the valley, creating a few waterfalls of its own in several places on our route. 

When you go on an Enchanted Valley backpacking trip you will want to stay a couple days to give you ample opportunity to take in the sites and explore the area, especially towards Linsley Glacier on Mount Anderson, allowing you more waterfall "sightings" and bird's eye views back into the valley below.  This Enchanted Valley backpacking trip can be scheduled anytime from March to December (if a low-snow year), but the best time to go is June through mid-September.  Summer only brings on average 3.33 inches of rain per month in the area (just a bit more than you will encounter in Grand Canyon over the summer), so perfect time to visit.

Add a few days to your itinerary for more time to explore and for a less aggressive hike.  If you are looking for more of a challenge, take a loop hike a bit off the beaten path over O'Neil Pass and along the North Fork Skokomish River for a 5-6 day excursion.

Number of days: 3-6

Mileage: 13 miles/20.9 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 1300 ft/396 m

3 Day Enchanted Valley Itinerary and Trip Details

Trip Ratings

  • Difficulty 3 to 5
  • OH @#%&! 2
  • Solitude 5

Trip Cost/Person

3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
From Port Angeles $825 $1025 $1225 $1425

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