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South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop

Grand Canyon guided hikes "BOBBY! CINDY!" - Mike, Carol, Greg, Peter, Marsha and Jan Brady and Alice

Grand Canyon: South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop Backpacking Trips


Grand Canyon Guided Hikes South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails

A Just Roughin' It Grand Canyon guided hikes on the South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop is a classic backpacking trip that can be accomplished most times of the year.  And because we believe in the great reward of doing it all yourself, we don't need to offer mule support or Phantom Ranch lodging.  It's all about doing more and seeing more!  

You are surrounded by breathtaking views as they venture down the South Kaibab Trail to the bottom of the canyon, crossing the Black Bridge that hovers above the Colorado River.  We set up camp at the Bright Angel Campground to enjoy a night or two of camping in the Grand Canyon. It's only a quarter mile from the famous Phantom Ranch, where we can stop by the canteen for a lemonade or coffee and compare blisters and muscle pains with fellow hikers.  This trip is great for the first-time backpacker with an above average level of fitness.  The trails are well-maintained, wide and have toilets and running water in several places along the way.

We hike out via the Bright Angel Trail. During the cooler months, we can tackle the 10-mile trail in one shot, but any time of the year, you can plan to spend an extra day at Indian Garden to view even more of the Canyon's splendor. This backpacking trip can range from 2 to 4 days.  A 4 day trip allows you a chance to explore the inner canyon to Ribbon Falls, or take a hike up Phantom Creek and the Clear Creek Trail for a more private experience.

Want someithing with a bit of privacy for the end of the day? Try the Cremation Canyon 3 Day trip.  Hike the South Kaibab Trail, get to the bottom of the canyon, but camp virtually by yourself, under the stars on the Tonto Platform.

And for an additional fee, we'll have an old prospector lock you in a jail cell in a ghost town on the way to the canyon.

Please note: Due to the high demand and limited supply of permits available for the Grand Canyon South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop camping areas, a camping area that is an acceptable alternative as approved by the National Park Service may be utilized.  The trails hiked will remain as detailed in the itinerary for at least 90% of the trip. Because this Grand Canyon hiking tour has such high demand, we recommend reserving this hike at least five months in advance. Contact us for more details.

Number of days: 3 - 4; any other length is a custom option and subject to custom pricing.

Mileage: 16.6 miles / 26.8 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 4,780 ft / 1,457 m

South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop 3 Day Itinerary and Trip Details
South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop 4 Day Itinerary and Trip Details
Cremation Canyon 3 Day Itinerary and Trip Details

Trip Ratings

  • Difficulty 4
  • OH @#%&! 6
  • Solitude 3

Trip Cost/Person

3 days 4 days
From Phoenix $875 $1075
From Flagstaff $825 $1025

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Rating: 54321

Absolutely a very positive experience! Great guide in Ryan, beautiful canyon, good equipment and food. Hiked the South Kaibab Trail down, spent 2 nights in the canyon and hiked Bright Angel Trail up. Priceless time with my two adult sons, along with a father/daughter from New Jersey. Just Roughin’ It delivered as advertised. It is just tough enough, so ensure you’re in shape. Will not hesitate to use Just Roughin’ It again!

By Galen from Texas on 2014-03-20

Rating: 54321

Just Roughin It provided an excellent service for our trip to The Grand Canyon (we did the South Kaibab/ Bright Angel Tour 3-day trip).

They have a really good website with a lot of information on how to get ready for the trip and they addressed every question quickly and effectively. My wife and I were concerned about doing the trip during the winter and Ray thoroughly explained the details and followed up
with every communication. We had a great guide, all the equipment was in order, and the food was very good. Everything went smoothly during the trip and we had a great time (as expected, we were sore and tired at the end, but happy nonetheless).

Rate: 5 stars. Would I work withthem again? Definitely. Would I do the same trip? It is not for the weak and maybe it was a little bit too tough for first timers and I would consider other routes for a first hiking/camping trip. But they never said it would be easy.

By Daniel Oliveira on 2014-01-02

Rating: 54321

We had the trip of a lifetime. Met wonderful people, laughed until our jaws hurt and saw the Grand Canyon in all its glory from top to bottom, sunrise to sunset. Everyone was blown away by the quality of the food, equipment and most importantly the guides, Ken and JP. The Grand Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list. We had an incredibly fabulous time. Can't find the words to accurately describe our experience but suffice it to say if the opportunity arises for us to do another guided tour, Just Roughin' It is on our speed dial.

By The Chiara Family on 2013-05-14

Rating: 54321

We had a wonderful time. The 3 day hike is perfect for beginners like ourselves. The hike is strenuous for beginners but not so much that it is not feasible. Our guide, Ken, did a great job in all situations. Our group had a person get dehydrated on the first day. Ken took great care of him while at the same time seeing to the rest of the groups safety. His information was educational and entertaining. He always hiked with the slower person while keeping in contact with the leader. The gear provided was a good quality. Last but not least, the food was better than I expected on a hike were all of it is packed in on the guides' back. I would recommend the trip to all my friends and family. The views were nothing short of spectacular.

By Angela Bottoms on 2013-05-13

Rating: 54321

our guide for the 4 day hike april 26 - 29, Jeremy Stapleton, was outstanding. His in depth knowledge of the canyon/trails and quiet leadership of our group made the trip a success and an absolutely fabulous experience. All 5 of us were first time Grand Canyon hikers and some of us may have skimped a bit on the training for carrying a 35 pound backpack in 80 + temperatures.
5 stars for Jeremy !

By Kay Clarey on 2013-05-06

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