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Rim to Rim

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike "You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain

Grand Canyon: Rim to Rim Backpacking Trips


Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

A Just Roughin' It Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike is a classic experience and is one of the most popular backpacking trips we, and the Grand Canyon, have to offer!  And because we believe in the great reward of doing it all yourself, we don't need to offer mule support or Phantom Ranch lodging.  It's all about doing more and seeing more!

A Rim to Rim Grand Canyon hike allows you to experience breathtaking views and the vast expanse of the canyon. There are few experiences more spectacular than seeing both the North and the South Rims at the same time from the bottom of the canyon.  This tour has you hiking from the over 8,000ft in elevation from the North Rim to the almost 7,000 ft South Rim.  Along the North Kaibab trail we will pass a couple waterfalls (Roaring Springs and Ribbon Falls), hike along Bright Angel Creek, visit Phantom Ranch, dip your toes in the Colorado River and see evidence of ancient civilizations that once called Grand Canyon their home.
Since the road to access the North Rim does not open until May 15th of every year and is closed through the winter months, there is a small window of opportunity each year to complete a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike.  This trip is great for the first time backpacker that has an above average level of fitness. You are hiking the main trails of the canyon where there are amenities such as toilets, running water and even a canteen at Phantom Ranch where you can buy a lemonade or a Snickers bar!  These trails are also well maintained and considerably wider than most other trails in the canyon - over 6 feet wide in most places.*  Plus, the Rim to Rim hiking trip is one of the two trips we will run in the summer months (June through August) since there is ample shade, water and creeks to stay cool and hydrated.  But do bear in mind, popular and amenties = lots of people!
*Please note: Due to the high demand and limited supply of permits available for the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim camping areas, a camping area that is an acceptable alternative as approved by the National Park Service may be utilized.  The trails hiked will remain as detailed in the itinerary for at least 80% of the trip. Because this hiking tour has such high demand, we recommend reserving this hike at least five months in advance. If you would prefer a hike from the South to the North Rim, we can do that too. Contact us for more details.
For the ultimate Grand Canyon AND Rim to Rim experience, check out our packrafting trips!  This trip was also recently featured in the Chicago Tribune May 29, 2012.  Check out the article and the video for some great detail and visuals of what you will get to experience with this trip.  They didn't carry packrafts so had to wait for someone to get them across!

Number of days: 3 - 7

Mileage: 21 - 24 miles / 34 - 39 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 5,780 ft / 1,762 m

3 Day Rim to Rim Itinerary and Trip Details
4 Day Rim to Rim Itinerary and Trip Details
6 Day Rim to Rim to Rim Itinerary and Trip Details

Trip Ratings

Trip Cost/Person

3 days 4 days 6 days (R2R2R) 7 days (R2R2R)
Off-Season (June 15 thru Sept. 15) or when booking up to 5 months in advance
From Phoenix $975 $1175 $1475 $1675
From Flagstaff $925 $1125 $1425 $1625
High-Season (May 12 thru June 15 and Sept. 15 thru Oct 31) when booking less than 5 months in advance
From Phoenix $1025 $1225 $1475 $1675
From Flagstaff $975 $1175 $1425 $1625

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Rating: 54321

I was originally scheduled October 10 but the government had shut down the Park. Although they offer no transfers or reimbursements, JUST ROUGHIN IT was kind enough to allow me to join an unfilled later hike. I was 77 11/12 years old and struggled in the beginning but the guides were very patient and supportive allowing me to finish on schedule. Simply a memorable experience of a lifetime.

By Don Colburn on 2013-11-07

Rating: 54321

My buddies and I had a great time doing a North Rim to South Rim 4-day trek of the Grand Canyon. Our two guides, Steve and Danny, were great. They kept us laughing, on schedule, moving (ie, the catepillar!) and well-fed, and just overall, they addressed all of our concerns during the trek and took excellent care of us. I enjoyed the trek from start to finish. I intend to see more of the Grand Canyon and will go with Just Ruffin' It again. I have encouraged my family and friends to trek the Grand Canyon with Just Ruffin' It, as well. Thanks for the great memories. I had a blast!

Dan Ramczyk

By Daniel Ramczyk on 2013-11-07

Rating: 54321

I completed the Rim to Rim hike of the Grand Canyon 12th to 15th Oct 2013.
Firstly I was very impressed with the amount of information provided. Nobody could say that they were unprepared in all areas, without it being an admittance of not taking responsibility for their own welfare.
There was a question as to whether our trip was going ahead due to all the National Parks being closed. So I was grateful to learn that an alternative was being provided. It did go ahead though.
Our guide was amazing. Being able to deal with a variety of personalities with vastly differing needs. And the knowledge he had of the area was unquestionable. I will never forget him as being part of the experience of the hike.
I have a great respect for Just Roughin' It and will talking about them and my experience for rest of my life.
I belong to a Bushwalking Club in Australia and they will all be hearing about this !

By Yvonne Rozier on 2013-10-30

Rating: 54321

My boyfriend and I just got back from our 4 day rim to rim trip of the Grand Canyon. We were thrilled to hear that the park reopened on Saturday, as we were set to leave for the canyon on Monday. The entire experience was great and something that I recommend everyone should do. Our shuttle driver, Pat was absolutely fantastic. We had many great conversations on our long car rides together. Our guide Jayci was also great. He cooked great meals and was full of Grand Canyon facts. This was something that I have always wanted to do, and I was thrilled to have had such a wonderful experience. We will definitely use Just Roughin It again for our future adventures.

My one recommendation to other hikers is to trim your toenails as short as possible! Day 1 is 7 miles downhill and it can get very painful, trust me.

October 14-17, 4 Day Rim to Rim

By Anna on 2013-10-21

Rating: 54321

Great experience! A very well run outfit...Everyone from Keri in office, driver Pat, guide Dillion, and gear provided first class.
Park was still shut down late Friday..Hoped it would open, but thought as late as it was would need to take alternative backpacking trip. About 7 pm they called asked if we still wanted Rim to Rim.
Of course we all did. So for my 60 th Birthday Saturday morning we began
Thank You
Will be planning next Adventure with them!

Visited October 2013

By Michael Burtrum on 2013-10-16

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