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Rim to Rim Bass Trails

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Bass Trails "Two roads diverged in a wood, And I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

Grand Canyon: Rim to Rim Bass Trails Trips


Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Bass Trails

Want an alternative Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike with more adventure, fewer poeple and HUGE bragging rights?  Cross the Colorado River with a raft you carry on your back!  As featured in Outside Magazine (May, 2011 page 44), we are now offering a new and exciting way to travel Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon.  But we will not be using the typical North Kaibab/Bright Angel route.  We will hike the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim via the very remote North and South Bass trails, with a pack raft in tow! This trip was also recently featured in the Chicago Tribune May 29, 2012.  Check out the article and the video for some great detail and visuals of what you will get to experience with this trip.  They didn't carry packrafts so had to wait for someone to get them across!

The North and South Bass trails are about 25 miles west of the main trails in a little used section of Grand Canyon National Park.  In order to get to the North Bass trail head, we will drive along dirt roads for about two hours.  This route features one night of camping on the North Rim before entering the canyon on the second day and one night camping in the Grand Canyon on the beach of the Colorado River after allowing two to three days to get down to the river.  With no bridges available for us to cross, we will paddle across the Colorado River on a pack raft each hiker will be carrying across the canyon.  This will allow you to have a unique experience few Grand Canyon hikers ever have.  Then, over the course of two days, we will exit the canyon on the South Rim via the South Bass trail.  Of course, our tour features Grand Canyon's world-renowned views and scenery.  Since this is a brand new Grand Canyon guided tour not offered by anyone else, you too will be one of the first and few to ever experience this adventure of a lifetime.

This Just Roughin' It  Rim to Rim hike is for the experienced backpacker as the trails are steep and narrow in some places.  But if you are up for the challenge, this will be one of those trips you will be telling your grandchildren about.  So, if you are looking for a "bucket list" trip, this is the one!

Note: This trip is only avaible in October of every year due to weather and access to the trail head.  If you would like to go on a packrafting trip in the Spring, check out our South Bass packrafting trip.

Number of days: 5-6

Mileage: 22 miles/35.4 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 5,300 ft/1,1615.4 m

6 Day Rim to Rim Bass Trails Itinerary and Trip Details

Trip Ratings

  • Difficulty 8
  • OH @#%&! 8
  • Solitude 10

Trip Cost/Person

5 Days 6 Days
From Phoenix $1525 $1725
From Flagstaff $1475 $1675

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Rating: 54321

My husband and I have recently had the fantastic good fortune to experience the Rim to Rim Bass Trail Packrafting trip through the Grand Canyon with our fantastic guide, Ken Parker. I have waited and eagerly anticipated a hike such as this for many years and my expectations were met, exceeded and blown out of the water grin.

The preplanning information on the JRI site was accurate, detailed and very helpful! My experience was that the hike ratings and preparation advice were bang on! The office staff responded to all of my inquiries promptly and in a very professional, yet friendly manner. Even when the goverment "closed" the Grand Canyon, staff were prepared with alternate routes and seemed determined to provide the best hike/experience possible.

Our trip partners were enthusiastic, friendly, warm and fun and we jelled as a team within moments of meeting each other. This made the trip so much more enjoyable than it might have been.

Our guide, Ken, was such a delight to hike with. Ken seems to have a vast knowledge of the area and was so generous in sharing it with us: the geology and geography, plants (and their many uses),living creatures, history of the local people and cultures, folklore and tales and so much more. It was obvious Ken loves the Grand Canyon and sharing it with others. We loved his animated story telling and his singing random happy songs! Not to mention his killer coffee and delicious, healthful meals.

It bears mentioning that Ken's experience and skills in the backcountry were of great comfort. We felt complete confidence in his ability to lead us safely while allowing each of us the space we needed to challenge ourselves. Thank you Ken!

Kudos JRI- expectations exceeded on all fronts grin.

By Lynne Rozenboom on 2013-11-10

Rating: 54321

This was my first and only adventure into the canyon (so far) and I had the privilege of being on the maiden voyage of this trip. Nothing about this trip was short of amazing! If you're looking for an area of the canyon where you won't run into a ton of people, this is the trip. We saw about 8 people on the trail and one set of rafters over the 6 day trip. And it's always fun to tell people that I carried my own personal raft 20 some miles to cross the Colorado River. Our guide was amazing too! From his knowledge of the canyon to his great personality and cooking skills... he's good at what he does. Trip of a lifetime!

By Sara on 2013-07-11

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