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Indian Garden

Grand Canyon hikes Indian Garden "Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous." - Willy Wonka

Grand Canyon: Indian Garden Backpacking Trips


Grand Canyon Indian Garden

The Havasupai Tribe once inhabited the area in Grand Canyon that is now known as Indian Garden and once you arrive, you will see why they once called this place home.  This is the easiest backpacking trip we offer in Grand Canyon National Park but you will not be disappointed!  Travel to Grand Canyon to experience Indian Garden as it is the perfect trip for the hot summer months or for families with younger children. And, if you don't want to carry all of your camping gear to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, camping at Indian Garden for two nights allows for us to set up a base camp about 3,000 feet below the rim.  Then we can just day hike to the bottom and exlpore Phantom Ranch, the Colorado River and Bright Angel Creek, all with just a day pack.  Or, spend some private hiking time and explore the Tonto Trail for expansive views of the canyon and the wide open skies above.

The trip begins on the South Rim, hiking 4.5 miles to Indian Garden via the popular Bright Angel Trail. We end the backpacking portion of the hike at Indian Garden campground by Garden Creek and beneath a canopy of Cottonwood trees. Once there, we choose from a number of possible Grand Canyon day hikes - Plateau Point, Colorado River, Tonto Trail, etc. Once we are finished enjoying the area, we begin hiking back out to the South Rim along the same trail.

This trip allows you to still get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to dip your toes into the Colorado River without having to carry all your gear. For those of you with a limited amount of time, two days is sufficient but three days will give you a chance to spend one day at the Colorado River, Bright Angel Creek and Phantom Ranch.  An Indian Garden backpacking trip also always you more time to relax since once you are at camp, you don't have to do anything but kick your feet up and chill.

Number of days: 2 - 3

Mileage: 19 miles / 30.48 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 4400 ft / 1341 m

2 Day Indian Garden Trip Details and Itinerary
3 Day Indian Garden Trip Details and Itinerary

Trip Ratings

  • Difficulty 3 - 4
  • OH @#%&! 5
  • Solitude 3

Trip Cost/Person

2 days 3 days
From Phoenix $675 $875
From Flagstaff $625 $825

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