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Grand Canyon hiking tours Hermit Trail "Crabalocker fish wife, pornographic priestess..." - The Beatles

Grand Canyon: Hermit Trail Backpacking Trips


Grand Canyon Hermit Trail

Grand Canyon hiking tours along the historic Hermit Trail is a great alternative to the South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop for thrill seekers and novice backpackers alike who seek a more secluded, less trodden path. Constructed by the Santa Fe Railroad in 1911, the Grand Canyon's Hermit Trail was originally carved out for tourist access to the Colorado River.  Opportunities for exploration here are vast, as we have s access to multiple camping areas including Monument Creek, Granite Rapids, Hermit Rapids and Hermit Creek.  Or decide to hike a small section of the Tonto Trail (the longest in the Canyon) and explore more of what this World Heritage Site has to offer.  The longer you stay, the more you will understand why Grand Canyon sees over 5 million visitors annually.  But as a visitor willing to camp under the stars and carry a 35lb backpack on our Grand Canyon hiking tours just to do more; you will definitely see more!

From Monument Creek, you can set your eyes on one of the sheerest drop-offs in the entire park or explore a number of slot canyons.  A night's camping at Granite Rapids or Hermit Rapids will allow you a night camping on the beach of the Colorado River along two of the biggest rapids in the canyon.  You may even see a Colorado River few rafting trips pass by as you soak in the views of the canyon walls rising above from the beach.  You may even see some crazy dude running the rapids in an inner tube!  Regardless the route, these areas all hold the ingredients for what a vacation should be - unforgettable.
Like many of our hikes, our Grand Canyon hiking tour along the Hermit Trail may be customized. We can make it a 3 or 4 day out-and-back trip or a 4 to 5 day loop along the Tonto Trail, exiting the canyon via the ever popular and not so quiet Bright Angel Trail - a great opportunity to experience the best of both worlds in Grand Canyon - secluded and world-renowned trails. If you are looking for an even bigger adventure take an extended Rim to Rim backpacking tour over 6 to 7 days.

Your choice, your reward!

Number of days: 3 - 6

Mileage: 19.4 miles / 31.2 km - 43.6 miles / 69.8 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 4,340 ft / 1,323 m (add an additional 1,000 ft / 304.8 m for the Rim to Rim option)

3 Day Hermit Itinerary and Trip Details
4 Day Hermit Itinerary and Trip Details
4 Day Hermit to Bright Angel Itinerary and Trip Details
6 Day Hermit to South Kaibab Itinerary and Trip Details

Trip Ratings

  • Difficulty 6
  • OH @#%&! 7
  • Solitude 7

Trip Cost/Person

3 days 4 days 6 Days
From Phoenix $875 $1075 $1575
From Flagstaff $825 $1025 $1525

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Rating: 54321

JPJ was our guide and was very adept and knowledgeable. He was also a fun trail companion.
JP was also very "professional" in his approach to guiding with attention to details big and small that made the trip a success and safe. This was especially true of his meticulous attention to food preparation to make the meals both tasty and safe.
The entire trip was well planned and logistically sound.

I have back packed for 56 years ..yes from age 4 on. In younger years I planned and prepared for multiple backpack trips with family and friends and have some point of reference based on those experiences. I would give your company and Jonathan the highest recommendations and hope its not too long before I can join another trip.

God bless and take care

Eric Anacker

By Eric Anacker on 2014-04-18

Rating: 54321

Our trip was hikind down on Hermit trail, reach Colorado river and return throught Tonto trail to India Garden and thereby come back up on Bright Angle Trail.

The first day was the worst day as Hermit trail was very difficult trail and the rest of the trip was very enjoyable. I ran out of water on the first day and our tour guide Gavin was the first one to offer his water supply and it saved me from dehydration. In addition to gorgeous views throughout, we saw several beautiful flowers including yellow and red cactus flowers, and gigantic and majestic Agave flowers. We saw a couple of rattle snakes and yellow snakes.

Gavin, one of our tour guides is a remarkable person. He has great passion for the Grand Canyon and is very spiritual about all the beautiful views. He is very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, and he is also a very compassionate person. When one of our team members was having problem with nausea he offered to take his bag and helped that person to get through the trip. He is and will be a great asset to Roughinit for future trips. I give him a full 10 out of 10.

Satyam Tatineni

By Satyam Tatineni on 2013-05-27

Rating: 54321

Incredible, memorable, beautiful trip. Jeremy was knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be around. The others in our group, Sid and Suzanne were also great! The food was beyond my expectation and there was plenty of it. I haven't stopped raving about the trip. I can't wait to bring my son out there when he is old enough!

By Kate Kloss on 2013-04-30

Rating: 54321

Jeremy, the guide was really great. Knew a lot of stuff and helpful. I did not expect this good quality of food at all. It was simply awesome. I can not think of how it could have been any better. Highly recommend it.

By Sid on 2013-04-25

Rating: 54321

Well we have been roughin it for 25 years. What a great pun. So we took the adventure of a life time. We began our adventure early out of phoenix; all we needed was our clothes and good health. We met our guide Steve who showed us our first nights campsite below nearly 4000 ft down. Like we knew what we were looking for. Steve did. That’s a good thing he was our guide.

We arrived early evening the tents were the easiest to set up all the poles were connected you couldn't screw it up. The hardest part of the night was blowing up the air mattress after a nine mile hike down 4000 feet. It really wasn't a problem cause as Steve cooked us a great meal did all the cleaning as it was canyon Z time for this group.

The next two days were much easier hikes as we traveled to Hermits Rapid. Who would have thought there was a beach there? For you a beach fan it’s worth the trip the view is spectacular. Well, one small down fall the water was 40 degrees but it felt great. That’s right we spent the night on the beach of the Grand Canyon at the rapids and the stars were really bright as we watched the space station cross the sky. Wow! Really incredible. Oh yeah did I mention Steve cook another great meal and did the dishes so we could play in the sand.

Day 3 the weather changed a bit from 85 and sunny in the canyon in April to a cooler and windy day blowing in clouds and a bit of rain. No fear we had a short hike up the creek and found a campsite that was rock covered. Had lunch played some cards did a bit of exploring on the old camp site where and old cable car entered the canyon to bring supplies into the camp. It is now an abandoned but the remains are there. So much for leaving it as you found it. (What you carry in, you carry out)

The final day 4 up early as we had a big hike. Steve had our coffee ready and breakfast was before sun up. We were on the trail early. As we ventured up we notice the north rim was snow covered we of course were in shorts as we had only a few drops of rain. It is amazing how elevation plays a huge roll in weather conditions. As we continued our assent we pass a few dissenters pealing layers as it had snow that night on the South rim as well.
We had lunch with only 1000 feet to climb the wind had picked up and temperature had clearly dropped at that elevation. Steve "Air Walker" kept us motivated to get to the top.

By two we had reached the summit. Steve presented us with gift of our accomplishment and my wife treasured the Certificate of Complete ion it is now Framed! Go Figure.

My wife coined Steve as "Air Walker" as he seemed to float over the rocks. He never seemed tired or winded as the rest of us. Steve was a great guide as he always seemed to know when to rest reminded us to drink more water and enjoy the canyon when not walking on a cliff.

Enough of my rambling, what an adventure! If you are healthy and have clothes Justroughin It does the rest. No cooking, Cleaning, Trying to find a water supply, and snacks lots of snacks. By day 3 we were holding valuable commodities for trade with our fellow hikers. What a great experience!!

By Ed & Dorine Garbash on 2013-04-20

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