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Grand Canyon Hikes

Grand Canyon Hikes "And the sky with no clouds. The heat was hot and the ground was dry, but the air was full of sound" - America

Grand Canyon Hiking and Backpacking Tours


Grand Canyon Hikes

No Porters. No pack animals.  We want you to do more, to see more!  Just Roughin' It knows how to hike Grand Canyon and the best way is without limits!  Who wants to go into the outdoors but only see the view from your tour bus, your lodge or from behind that mule carrying your gear?  With Just Roughin' It, you will see more and do more in Grand Canyon since we are the only company that specializes in trips for the explorer that wants NO LIMITS.  And with an expert guide and all the trip planning taken care of for you, how can you go wrong?

We cater to the hiker of all levels looking to challenge themselves, have fun and leave a minimum impact.  Plus, a Grand Canyon hike is so much better with a group - there is safety in numbers (especially with a medically trained guide) and you get to learn about the canyon with like-minded hikers.

Just Roughin' It will help you select the Grand Canyon hike that's right for your time frame, ability level and travel goals. We offer support and expertise on more than 300 trail miles of Grand Canyon hikes, from day trips to 7 day backpacking trips. Our trips are suitable for the first time backpacker to the experienced wilderness guru with treks that range from the more trodden to those areas that are much less traveled.  No matter what, we will ensure that you experience the best hikes in the Grand Canyon has, based on your experience, of course. From the ever popular Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike to the very secluded and unique North to South Bass packrafting trip, Just Roughin' It offers Grand Canyon hiking tours that have something to offer you in every twist and turn of the trail you decide to explore.  And if that is just not enough for you, hiking Grand Canyon grants you some stellar bragging rights and offeres dozens of routes to keep you coming back for more!  Plus, you'll look great in that Grand Canyon hike t-shirt you will want to where - and you look great in hiking pants!

We strive to make all treks as seamless as possible with restaurant-quality food, top of the line gear and door-to-door service.  We take the guess work out of planning and executing your trip so when you do hike Grand Canyon, you can rest easy knowing you had time to find a dog-sitter.  Still not convinced? What is our Grand Canyon hikes came with our guarantee that you will see at least one Prickly pear cactus and at least 5 rocks?