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You’ve Seen One Grand Canyon, You’ve Seen Them All!

March 5th, 2012

We have been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging, but we are back!  The blog was under construction (and still needs a bit of tweeking), but hopefully you have noticed that our blog is considerably faster!

Anyway, since we are getting back into the blogging game, I picked a topic that is quick, easy, and highly entertaining - at least it was for me.  And my inspritation was some reviews I read about Central Park in New York City.  Not because I felt the need to read reviews before experienceing it for myself, and even if it was given only an average of 1 star, I would go because I belive in experiencing things for myself and be damned someone else's opinion will keep me from new experiences.  Afterall, is that not how we all grow?  I will get off my soap box now:)  Oh, and some are just funny.

Well, Central Park did average 4.5 stars in Trip Advisor and Google.  I also looked at Grand Canyon, which also averaged 4.5 stars?  Many of the low reviews have nothing to do with the location itself but with an event or tour, but I did find some gems I want to share.

Central Park reviews from Trip Advisor

From a senior contributor in New York City...3 Stars..."Nice but Crowded - The park itself is nice, but when the weather is nice or even just decent, it becomes way to crowded."

3 Stars..."Cold and Wet - I think because we visited in February it wasn't what we expected and also it was raining.  We were a little let down!"

3 Stars..."Not Looking It's Best - I visited in February and not looking its best. Grass lacking. Very bare no green scrubs."

Grand Canyon National Park from Google

1 Star..."The North Rim is Better than the South."

1 Star..."Riduculous!  There is no way this was created by a river! Just look at how many rivers there are in the world. If rivers made stuff like this, there would be gigantic canyons EVERYWHERE! This is clearly an ancient test site for some kind of alien laser superweapon. They're going to return soon and use it on our cities!"

Grand Canyon National Park from Trip Advisor

From a top contributor...3 Stars..."You Know What To Expect - The Grand Canyon (north rim) was on our list of parks to do while on honeymoon last year.  We stayed 2 nights, and while I've written about the north rim lodge already (fabulous!) the canyon itself was a bit of a disappointment.  It's the Grand Canyon and you have seen loads of shots/videos already, and really it's like that when you get there! It really lokos a bit the same!"

From someone who is a "senior reviewer" (because has 7 reviews)...3 Stars..."Checked Off the Bucket List. Won't Go Back...I'm glad we went but I wouldn't go back. It's a spectacular sight but once you've seen it, you've seen it...We stopped at all the "must-see" views and enjoyed the information from the tour guide.  The view isn't much different from each of the stops."


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