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Bear Grylls Gives Himself an Enema

January 12th, 2010

Just when you think Bear Grylls can't shock you anymore, he comes up with something totally outrageous in the name of a survival technique. I saw this clip once again on E! network's "The Soup" and once again Bear did something so disgusting that is made clip of the week. What did he do that tops eating a piece of apple from a pile of bear crap? He gave himself an enema while floating on a raft in the ocean. If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it myself.

Why would he do this? Besides higher ratings, this was apparently the best way to hydrate himself given the situation. Bear had collected water but it was loaded with bird droppings and if he were to drink it, he felt he wouldn't be able to keep it down because of the taste so he rigged up his canteen and with some rubber tubing to give himself an enema. I have to watch the episode because I'm wondering where the hell he got the tubing. Does he keep 6ft of hose with him in his survival kit just for these situations?  Giving an enema to hydrate is a medically accepted practice in certain situations but in the backcountry this would be such an extreme example I don't see how this can be useful. I have to give Bear some credit since he states several times that this is a last resort method for hydration. If there is anyone out there that has actually had an enema in the backcountry, I'd like to hear your story. Here is a link to the video clip. Enjoy! Bear Gryllis Gives Himself an Enema

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