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Superstition Wilderness

Take a guided hiking tour in the Phoenix Area at the Superstition Mountains with Just Roughin' It. This popular Phoenix area backpacking location can be hiked as a day hike or extended to further explore the Superstition Mountains by camping overnight. An Arizona hiking tour through the Superstitions is one way to see the beautiful Arizona Sonoran Desert. "Three, four peaks all I could see. In the morning it's a hundred degrees, but I like the goddamn heat." - Gin Blossoms

Arizona: Superstition Wilderness Hiking Trip

The Superstition Mountains in Arizona got their name for a reason: legend, lore... and a lost gold mine! You may not stumble upon the hidden riches, but we'll show you other Sonoran Desert treasures like petroglyphs, ancient ruins, wildflowers and the beauty of Mother Nature. Hiking in the Superstition Mountains is a great weay to see another side of Arizona, explore the vast acreage of wilderness just outside the hustle and bustle of the Phoenix area.

We like to go hiking and backpacking to Reavis Ranch and Roger's Canyon.  Just east of the Phoenix area. Reavis Ranch is a secluded valley in the center of the eastern Superstitions. There's an old abandoned apple orchard that still bears fruit. The Reavis Ranch Superstition Mountain trails follow the path of an old road that was used to access the ranch in the mid 20th century, but certain parts look much more like a rocky trail than a road. Most of the backpacking trip has desert terrain, but you'll also hike through areas shaded by Cottonwood and Sycamore trees.

We can also take you on a 4-wheel drive to Roger's Canyon, which is known for its unique cliff dwellings. These remarkable ruins were once home to a community of ancient Native Americans and look great for their age!

But this is just a couple of the dozens of Superstition Mountain hikes we can arrange for you and your party of adventurers.

Number of days: 2 - 4

Mileage: 19.1 miles / 30.7 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 3100 ft / 944.8 m

Reavis Ranch 3 Day Trip Itinerary and Details
Roger's Canyon 4 Day Trip Itinerary and Details

Trip Ratings

Trip Cost/Person

2 days 3 days 4 days
From Phoenix $450 $650 $850

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Rating: 54321

We are now safely back home in Atlanta. We had a great time on our backpacking trip and later in Sedona. The backpacking was all we hoped for, and our guide did a great job taking care of us. The food was good, the equipment perfect, and there was nothing that we needed that we didn't have. The campsite locations were spectacular and the solitude at Angel Basin was great. Our guide discussed the routes with us before we headed out, and based on her advice we elected to hike Reavis Ranch first, then back track to Angel Basin on the second day. the hike down and back to Angel Basin was pretty challenging for us so it sounds like this was a wise decision, since it sounds if the other route (Frogs Tanks) is even more difficult. Overall, it was just right and validated our assessment of where we thought we were in terms of conditioning. The only disappointment of the trip was the large amount of trash left at Angel Basin, especially in the woods above the campsite. Makes me want to return with some large Hefty bags and pack it all out., but there will always be those who spoil beautiful wilderness areas. We appreciate the experience, and would be happy to recommend your company to anyone, We would like to make it back to Arizona sometime also. Thanks again for everything.

By Gary and Susan M. on 2012-11-23

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