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Aravaipa Canyon

Aravaipa Canyon is a great Arizona hiking location. Unlike many other Arizona hiking or backpacking trails when you go to Aravaipa Canyon most of your hike will be along and in the Aravaipa Creek. It's a great backpacking vacation in Arizona. Take a guided hike with Just Roughin' It to ensure a fun and safe time on your Arizona hiking tour. "Up in the canyon, away from the river, show him a real good time." - Meat Puppets

Arizona: Aravaipa Canyon Hiking Trip

If you're looking for a true wilderness hiking adventure, Aravaipa Canyon in Arizona is the destination for you.  As part of the Nature Conversancy, this is an area waiting to be explored by hikers who appreciate pristine wilderness areas. Only 50 people are permitted to enter the 19,000 acre wilderness daily, so seclusion is not a problem; having to leave after a day or even three days is.  Much of this hike is in Aravaipa Creek, so be ready to get your feet wet on this Arizona hiking tour.  This is also one of the great Arizona backpacking trips for beginning backpackers looking for an easier adventure.

This isolated canyon in southern Arizona is a bastion of untouched natural beauty and a Natural Conservancy site with over 7,000 protected acres, so you'll be able to experience the canyon in its pure state. Aravaipa Canyon in Arizona is completely undeveloped; there are no campgrounds, signage, well-defined trails or other facilities in the canyon.  But, you will be surrounded by the native riparian vegetation, including cottonwood, ash, willow, and sycamore trees.

Aravaipa is best known for its bird species. Over one hundred fifty varieties of native birds have been seen in the canyon. The cacti, which populate the canyon's rocky outcrops, are an ideal home for woodpeckers and owls.  Other desert dwellers who make their home in the canyon are mile and white-tail deer, coyotes, coatimundi, and javelina. High above the canyon, desert bighorn sheep peer down to observe you progress. The Aravaipa Creek is home to seven varieties of native fish. This is one time you don't want to forget your camera!

Hiking through Aravaipa Canyon will provide you with a truly unique Arizona experience, a chance to visit the beautiful desert canyon in an exceptionally natural state, a easy hike into the wilderness, the opportunity to observe native plant and wildlife firsthand, and the singular experience of treading through the history of Arizona's native peoples.

Number of days: 2 - 3

Mileage: 20 miles / 32.2 km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 400 ft / 121.9 m

3 Day Aravaipa Canyon Itinerary and Trip Details

Trip Ratings

  • Difficulty 3
  • OH @#%&! 1
  • Solitude 7

Trip Cost/Person

2 days 3 days
From Phoenix $450 $650

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