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South Kaibab/Bright Angel


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South Kaibab/Bright Angel


Remember that Brady Bunch episode where the Brady's go to the Grand Canyon and Bobby and Cindy get lost and are found by a friendly tribe of Native Americans? Well, forget what you remember because the bottom of the canyon is not an arroyo in California! If you want to see the canyon floor for yourself, this is the most popular route to take. If you're not a Brady Bunch aficionado, then this will be a brand new experience regardless. Just Roughin’ It’s South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop backpacking trip is among the most popular Grand Canyon tours – and with good reason. Hikers are surrounded by breathtaking views as they venture down the South Kaibab Trail to the bottom of the Canyon, crossing the Black Bridge that hovers above the Colorado River. This also is a great hike for most months of the year.  

The below itinerary depicts a standard 4 day trip.  If you are looking for 3 days, take out the 2nd day of exploring and day hiking to roaring springs.

Please Note: Because the Just Roughin’ It Grand Canyon South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop backpacking trip has such high demand, we recommend reserving at least five months in advance. Due to the high demand and limited supply of permits available for the South Kaibab/Bright Angel camping areas, a camping area that is an acceptable alternative as approved by the National Park Service may be utilized. The trails hiked will be as detailed in this itinerary for at least 90% of the trip.

Day 1

Today we drive to the South Rim. Once we arrive at the trailhead and gear up, we begin our hike down the South Kaibab Trail, which is 7 miles (11.3 km) and 4,800 ft (1463 m) to Bright Angel Campground.  Unwind at the campsite or grab a drink at the Phantom Ranch canteen - one of the favorite hangouts among canyon hikers. The hike down the South Kaibab Trail to the bottom takes about 5.5 hours.

Day 2

On the second day of the tour, we have several side hike options. The most popular choice is a 12-mile (19.3 km) round trip hike to Ribbon Falls along the North Kaibab Trail. Looking for some R & R? You are more than welcome to use this time to relax or explore the surrounding area. Either way, it is a free day from carrying your large pack.

Day 3

Today we begin our venture out of the canyon to Indian Garden.  We hike 5 miles (8 km), ascending 1,400 ft (462 m) where we will set up camp and take the time to explore the area. You can hike to Plateau Point along the Tonto Trail for some of the best views of the canyon and finish with a unique canyon sunset experience. Or, take the time to just relax at camp.

Day 4

Onward and upward!  Hiking out of the canyon is a 4.5-mile (7.24 km) hike with a 3,000-ft (914 m) increase in elevation along the Bright Angel Trail. The average hiking time to the top is 4.5 hours. Once at the top, we usually have time for a late breakfast or early lunch and some souvenir shopping.  We are typically back in Scottsdale by 5:30pm.  The average hiking time to the top is 4.5 hours.


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I will start by saying that as a father and grandfather in our threesome I was very pleased, and so were the wives and mom, to have a guide trained in medical aid as well as proficient in wilderness guiding. We reviewed your recommendations on the web site and prepared as recommended. Our trip was exceptional in many aspects. We enjoyed Ken and Lauree who we were teamed up with, We had time to stop as often as we needed or to forge ahead as we wished. The scenery was so very grand an majestic and we had time to enjoy it. Nights were cool and days were comfortable, I liked Jeremy's (the guide) good council when asked and his giving points of interest as well as his experiences as we walked and talked. The special side trip to plateau point and dinner as the sun set is impossible to describe. The gear was second to none. We were warm at night with the nice sleeping bags that had air mattresses in them and the tents that were compact enough to not weigh the backpacks down too much. The backpacks were comfortable and top quality and, with Jeremy's help and adjustment, fit perfectly. Jeremy did and awesome job with the food. I thought the food might be a bit of a struggle however again we were pleasantly surprised not only by the taste and quality but also the presentation. The campground settings were so picturesque with flowering trees, water and clean toilets and deer and mules passing by from time to time. We will have such a great time reviewing pictures and talking about this adventure with family and loved ones. Thanks for everything. Thanks for the help in handing a legacy on to the kids and grand kids of poppa who hiked the Grand Canyon with them.

Grant G.



I wanted to reach out with a some "Hardy Boys" feedback regarding our Grand Canyon adventure. It was an off-the-chart experience. Kudos to your team for nailing every aspect of the operation; from front end communications (thanks Kerry), your quirky and informative web site, high quality equipment, truly delicious food, and a work class guide. All - five star stuff. Do I hear an amen?

As a 59 year old guy, I knew I was in for a challenge. I hiked the canyon as a young guy and really wanted my 15 year old son, Sam, to experience it too. We came to you hoping for the support we needed to have a really memorable trip.

From the git go our guide, Zach demonstrated the highest level of competence in every aspect of the trip. Hike prep, backpack and hiking tips, camp/tent set-up, and meal prep was all invisibly handled with ease.

The magic of the trip was Zach's willingness to fully present with us. He was aware and receptive of how to give each of us what we needed. He maintained a watchful eye, but provided the elbow room Sam needed to experience the canyon. The Ribbon Falls hike up the North Kaibab was a hit!

I knew the hike would be a stretch for me. In reality, it was more than a stretch. I am grateful for Zach's patience and support. He never gave unsolicited support or cheerleading. Just rock steady presence. He lightened the load physically and mentally by giving me the space and time I needed to walk out of that big hole. I deeply grateful for his authenticity, patience, and commitment to me. On top of that we had some great laughs and a lot of fun.

....... So hikers find a big pot and add some sore legs, bruised toes, sweaty shirts, awesome photos, big laughs, and great memories........stir 'em up and you've got yourself a little "Just Roughin' It 1% stew"

Just Roughin' It; I will sing your praises - you've got a great operation. Zach - take a bow - you are the man!

Keep your socks dry,

Mark & Sam Hardy

Mark and Sam H.



This was the best trip I have ever taken. I took my 13 year old and it was great to see him be a kid without electronics for 3 days. Our guide Steve was fantastic! He was well prepared, patient, a great cook, super with my son, and funny too. Having not been a camper, I really appreciated all the care and quality of the gear that was provided. The food was surprisingly good (ok, I had hot dogs in my head when thinking of camping and was pleasantly surprised by the couscous, chicken stir-fry, etc). And there's nothing better than great coffee on a crisp morning in the Grand Canyon! The pre-trip reading materials helped me be better equipped both physically and with what I needed to pack (you really don't need much). This trip completely exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to take another trip with Just Roughin' It! I think I will become a regular.




Outstanding trip ! This was my second trip with JRI. I was Lucky to have a good group of people on the Tour. JP is an excellent guide. Very friendly, knowledgeable and articulate. Excellent physical condition. He is a well trained professional. JRI goes the extra Mile when it comes to meals. The food is fresh,well prepared and on time.

Rich O.



our guide for the 4 day hike april 26 - 29, Jeremy Stapleton, was outstanding. His in depth knowledge of the canyon/trails and quiet leadership of our group made the trip a success and an absolutely fabulous experience. All 5 of us were first time Grand Canyon hikers and some of us may have skimped a bit on the training for carrying a 35 pound backpack in 80 + temperatures.
5 stars for Jeremy !

Kay C.



We had a wonderful time. The 3 day hike is perfect for beginners like ourselves. The hike is strenuous for beginners but not so much that it is not feasible. Our guide, Ken, did a great job in all situations. Our group had a person get dehydrated on the first day. Ken took great care of him while at the same time seeing to the rest of the groups safety. His information was educational and entertaining. He always hiked with the slower person while keeping in contact with the leader. The gear provided was a good quality. Last but not least, the food was better than I expected on a hike were all of it is packed in on the guides' back. I would recommend the trip to all my friends and family. The views were nothing short of spectacular.

Angela B.



We had the trip of a lifetime. Met wonderful people, laughed until our jaws hurt and saw the Grand Canyon in all its glory from top to bottom, sunrise to sunset. Everyone was blown away by the quality of the food, equipment and most importantly the guides, Ken and JP. The Grand Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list. We had an incredibly fabulous time. Can't find the words to accurately describe our experience but suffice it to say if the opportunity arises for us to do another guided tour, Just Roughin' It is on our speed dial.

The Chiara Family



Trip Cost Per Person

3 Day


Early Bird Discount (5+ months booked in advance).


Book less than 5 months in advance.

4 Day


Early Bird Discount (5+ months booked in advance).


Book less than 5 months in advance.

What's included?

  • Round trip transportation from Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale North (Phoenix area).
  • All permits, fees and taxes.
  • All food while on the trail prepared on the trail by your guide.
  • All necessary gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, meal kit, trekking poles, etc.)
  • A certified, medically trained guide that will lead you safely on your journey. 
  • An unforgettable experience!

Our prices do not include guide gratuity (10% to 15% of the tour price is recommended).


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10 years experience
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